30-50 Bundles/h Silage Packing Machine Exported to Kenya

silage packing machine

Silage is commenly as various animal feed. And silage packing machine functions to bale the crushed sialge into bundles, and then pack them by films into round shapes. After wrapping, the silage can be stored for 2-3 years. Recently, a customer form Kenya purchased sialge wrapping machine from us. At the same time, he ordered chaff cutter. And the Kenya customer has no dissent about the mini silage baler machine price.

Details of Kenya Order about Silage Baling Machine

The Kenyan client operates a cattle farm and mainly trades cattle locally. But feed is a big problem to solve. There’re a lot of corn is also grown locally, but baling corn silage requires a machine. Therefore, he desperately needs a machine. Also, he needed a chaff cutter that could shred corn stalks.

The Kenyan customer was very interested in round bale wrapper for sale from our company when browsing the Google website. So he immediately contacted us. Our sales manager Coco gave him a detailed introduction to the performance, parameters and advantages. She also sent relevant working videos and feedback videos. During the detailed discussion, Coco learned that the Kenyan customer still needed a chaff chopper machine. Hence, according to his needs, she sent a 10t chaff cutter machine related parameters.

After learning , he ordered a silage packing machine and chaff cutter from us without hesitation, and paid quickly. During this process, Coco provided detailed and thoughtful service, and he was very satisfied.

Working Principle of Small Silage Packing Machine

Generally speaking, our silage baler for sale has model 50 silage making equipment and model 70. To realize the automatic working, it usually works with the air compressor. Taking the electric corn silage packing machine(model 50) as example, the working principle is essentially the same as the diesel engine silage baler and wrapper.

  1. The motor power drives the air compressor to run. When the air pressure reaches the working pressure (0.6~0.8Mpa), turn on the air tank switch. Turn on the green start button of the distribution box.
  2. After the standby machine runs normally for 3-5 minutes, the operator spreads the straw evenly on the conveyor belt, and the conveyor belt gradually transports the straw to the silo of the baler.
  3. When the silo is full and reaches the set density, the sensor transmits the signal to the alarm light, the alarm light sounds, and the conveyor belt stops.
  4. The winding mechanism will rotate and start winding. After the hemp rope starts to make a circle from the left end, it returns to the cutter position, the blade cuts the hemp rope, and the winding ends.
  5. Open the silo door, and then the bundles automatically down to the frame of the film.
  6. The film frame stats to wrap while the film is fixed.
  7. When the film covers all the silage bundles, reaching the arranged layers, it stops. And then the blade cut the film. Then the bundles falls to the trolley, delivered to the destination.
Silage packing machine
silage packing machine

How to Maintain Silage Packing Machine for Sale?

  1. Every half an hour work, please remove the impurities under the feeding roller.
  2. Maintain the machine after wrapping 2,000 bundles. Such as, remove the cover and remove obstructions.
  3. Add lubricating oil to each rotating part, and apply oil to other parts to prevent rust.
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