Silage Round Baler Machine

silage round baler machine
silage baler machine

Overview of Silage Baler Machine

The silage baler machine integrates bundling and wrapping and it has a conveyor belt feeding system. Through the anaerobic and chemical action of microorganisms, the silage machine produces a kind of palatability, high digestibility, and nutrient-rich feed under airtight anaerobic conditions.

Using the silage method to preserve the green corn stalks for a long time also can preserve their nutrients well. The fully automatic baler machine is one of the necessary equipment for animal husbandry, and it is best to be used in conjunction with the chaff cutter or straw harvester machine so that the work efficiency is higher.

Power Supply of Small Round Silage Baler Machine

We manufacture electric and diesel models of silage baler machines. You can choose according to your needs.

Structure of Silage Round Baler

As a professional silage machine manufacturer and supplier, our silage baler machine has a simple and reasonable structure to understand and operate. The baling room is to bale the forage into the round shape by the hemp rope or the plastic net. And then the film will wrap it until completely covering. Finally, the knife will cut the film automatically.

Structure of silage baler machine
structure of silage baler machine

Technical Parameters of Corn Silage Machine

This silage round baler machine has a capacity of 50-60 bundles per hour. And every bundle weight is 65-100kg. Also, the power device can be an electric motor or diesel engine, depending on you. Welcome to contact us for more clarifications!

Capacity50-60 bundles
Bundle weight65-100 kg
Supporting power15 horsepower/Electricity
Baler size550*52 mm
Baler volume450-500 kg/m³
Machine weight850 kg
Rotating speed350 rpm
Machine size3520*1650*1650mm
Conveyor length1800 mm
Film wrapping speed13s for 2 layer film,19s for 3 layer film

Working Principle of Silage Baler and Wrapper

Bundled Part

Manual feeding into the fixed bin of the machine. When the bale reaches a certain capacity of the fixed bin and the movable bin, the idle roller above the movable bin and the signal wheel on the left will rotate evenly.

Then the operator moves the winding rope clutch handle, and the hay baler machine begins to reciprocate the rope binding, winding the rope once. Finally, the rope is automatically cut, and the warehouse door is immediately opened to release the bale, and the bale falls directly onto the rotating frame of the film wrapping. 

Wrapping Part

Wrapping materials

You can use the plastic net or hemp rope. 50 bundles hemp rope or plastic net can be used for 2-3 years

Wrap process

Pull out the membrane by hand, then start up the rotating button, next the rotating frame will drive the bale to rotate. The operator should simultaneously and quickly press the membrane to the bale, and rotate with the bale for a full circle, and then immediately let go.

The film is wrapped on the bale layer by layer. As the bale revolves in the rotating frame when the film reaches the set number of layers, the clutch is automatically disengaged and the rotating frame stops. The operator cuts off the forage film between the bale and the film frame. The broken end of the pasture film is pressed into the overlap of the end surface of the bale, then manually move the wrapped bales into the trolley, push away and place them neatly.

Usage of Silage Round Baler

  • Silage baler and wrapping machine is equipment for silage and micro-storage wrapping. This machine can automatically wrap the baled fresh straw and fresh round grass baler.
  • The machine can wrap two-layer pasture film, three-layer pasture film, four-layer pasture film, and six-layer pasture film after adjusting the position of the half-way device.
  • The silage balers wrapped by this machine can store for 1-2 years after natural anaerobic fermentation.
  • Compared with a similar foreign machine, this machine has the advantages of reliable and dense film, good stretching effect, flexible and convenient operation, and saving about 25% of the film.
Silage baler and wrapper
silage baler and wrapper

What Is A Mini Silage Machine

Baling and wrapping film is a method of making silage. The baler and wrapper machine is a special machine for silage. It can store corn stalks, or other crop straws, such as vine leaves, and rice straws for a long time and can be stored conveniently. In addition, the silage feed has a soft texture and a fragrant taste, which promotes the appetite of cattle and sheep, and solves other seasons The problem of shortage.

Silage making machine
silage making machine

Successful Case: Silage Making Machine in Pakistan

This Pakistani customer has a ranch, and they need fresh forage grass all year round, so he bought a chaff cutter and silage baler machine from us and used it together. The operation is convenient and the output is high, which solves their demand for forage. The customer received the machine and put it into use, and sent us a feedback video.

Case show
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