15 Sets Small Chaff Cutter Exported to Kenya

small chaff cutter to Kenya

This mini chaff cutter from Taizy company belongs to 9Zseries. We classify the chaff cutter based on the production per hour. This fodder cutter has the capacity of 400-500kg per hour, the smallest one among the forage chopper. Generally speaking, this machine is wholesaling. Because the chaff cutter price varies according to the order quantity.

Case Profile

This year, our sales manager Cindy received one inquiry about this chaff cutter from the Google website. The customer is from Kenya, he purchased it for his farm. He was running a farm, employing enough farmers to serve. Through the discussion, Cindy knew his requirement was about mini production per hour and wanted to buy a cost-effective one silage chopper. So, Cindy recommended the mini chaff cutter to him. And, complying with his actual situation, she advised the proper order quantities to Kenya customer. Besides, because of the power supply of the machine, Cindy suggested the fodder cutter with the motor.

Finally, Kenya customers ordered 15 sets of mini chaff cutters for his farms.

Small chaff cutter to kenya
small chaff cutter

Advantages of Small Hay Cutter Purchased by Kenya Customer

  1. Light weight, easy operation, convenient move.
  2. Simple structure, durable cutting blades, long service life.
  3. Adjustable cutting grass length.
  4. Dry and wet grass are applicable, cost-effective.

Why Choose Us?

As a reliable manufacturer and supplier, Kenya customer got the consideration service from us. And he told us the following reasons for choosing us:

  1. Thoughtful services. Cindy was always considering from his view, and gave the suitable solutions for his inquiry.
  2. Good brands. According to his understanding from the Internet and other ways, he knew our machines were of good reputation.
  3. Exported to more than 80 countries and regions. Through the discussion and daily communication, he learned our machines have been exported to Kenya, Nigeria, India, Philippines, etc. This gave him comfortable feelings and he divided more trust to our company.
Case show
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