9Z-10A/15A Chaff Chopper

9Z-10A chaff chopper

This kind of chaff chopper belongs to 9Z series, also for cutting grass, stalks, straws, hay into small pieces as animal feed. This agriculture chaff cutter is automatically feeding raw materials. Besides, the silage chopper for sale has different types, such as the mini chaff cutter, which only has 0.4t per hour. Of course, we provide the straw cutter and grain grinder. What kind of usage of this silage? This silage can be as the animal feed. For example, some people in the Middle East like to feed camels, and this machine also can produce camel feed. All in all, we have various forage cutting machines to meet your demands.

Also, our silage chopping machines are very popular all over the world. And machines are exported to Kenya, Malaysia, the Philippines, Madagascar, Ghana, etc.

Brief Introduction of Chaff Chopper for Sale

From watching the below video, you can have a general understanding of the 9Z-10A/15A chaff cutter. You can know its performance, applications, and advantages. If you still have any doubts or any interests, please contact me immediately.

Strucutre of Corn Stalk Cutter

Generally speaking, the 9Z series chaff chopper has a similar construction. A pure copper motor is necessary because it should provide power to run the machine. And this cutting machine can automatically feed the raw materials, saving time and labor. The outlet is a high eject outlet, but the ejecting distance can be adjusted. We also have small silage chopper for sale, please contact us for more details!

Structure of corn stalk cutter
structure of corn stalk cutter

Advantages of Silage Chopping Machine

  1. High efficiency. This machine has a capacity of 1000okg per hour.
  2. Automaticallt feeding. The chaff chopper machine has the automatic conveyor, high automation.
  3. Wide applications. It not only van cut the stalks, but also the straws, grass, whatever it’s wet or dry.
  4. Humanized design. The design meets different people’s requirements, more convenient to move and use.
  5. Thick manganese steel baldes. This kind of blades is strong and durable, long service life.

Technical Parameters

Using this chaff chopper machine, the size of the finished product is 10-35mm. And they can be used as animal feed, like ducks, cattle, horses, chickens, rabbits, etc. The machine can produce 10000kg/h, large output. Moreover, it adopts automatically feeding, labor and time-saving.

ModelPowerCapacityBlades quantityMachine weightMachine sizeFeeding methodDischarge grass size
9Z-10A15-18.5kW10000kg/h3/4pcs950kg(exclusive motor)2630*2500*4100mmautomatically10-35mm

Successful Case: Corn Silage Chaff Chopper Exported to Sumari

This year our sales manager Coco received an inquiry from Sumari. Because the client has a farm and needs a lot of animal feed every day, he wants to buy an animal feed chaff cutter. Sumari customer is very concerned about the output of the machine and worry that the output and size of cutting the grass will not be reached. Coco sent him the picture of the inside of our machine’s cavity and explained how it works. In the end, the customer dispelled his doubts and signed a contract with us. After receiving the machine, he sent us good feedback. And he recommended us to his friend who wanted to buy a combined peanut sheller.

Case show
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