Mini Chaff Cutter

mini chaff cutter 9Z-0.4

This mini chaff cutter belongs to 9Z series, cutting various dry and wet grass into small pieces as animal feed. Such as corn stalks, sorghum stalks, straws, etc. Its production is 400-500kg per hour. Pay attention, this hay chopper is automatically feeding the raw materials. Why chop grass as animal forage? Because it is beneficial to animals’ digestion and prevents animals from rejecting any parts of their food. Besides, this chaff cutter for sale is the mini one, powered by the gasoline engine or electric motor based on your demands. Also, the length of the cutting straw can be adjusted. With lightweight wheels, the forage chopper is easy to move. Welcome to contact us for more classifications!

Brief Introduction of Hay Chopper

This video tells the general profile about the mini chaff cutter, helping you better understand the machine.

Design of Grass Cutting Machine

The small straw chopper is of simple structure, easy operation. It includes inlet, blade cavity, gearbox, pure copper wire motor, discharge outlet, movable wheels.

Structure of grass cutting machine
structure of grass cutting machine

Technical Parameters of Mini Chaff Cutter

This hay chopper should use 2.2kW motor and have 4/6 pcs blades for chopping dry and wet grass.

Rotating speed2800r/min2800r/min
Chopping size7/20mm7/20mm
Blades quantity4/6 PCs4/6 PCs
Overall dimension1075*510*850 mm1075*510*1100mm
Packing size600*500*400mm600*500*400mm

Features of Small Fodder Cutter

  • Automatically feed. Conveyor belt carry the raw materials to the destination, safe and convenient, also high efficiency.
  • 100% copper wire motor. The mini chaff cutter uses this motor, due to its faster speed, providing sufficient power to the machine.
  • Adjustable gear. Adjust the cutting grass length in accordance with the demands.
  • Cutting blades. Manganese steel chaff cutter blades, good wear resistance, long service life.
  • Safety guide device. Great design is to prevent blade accidents, to ensure the whole animal fodder cutter machine is safe and reliable.  

Advantages of Animal Feed Chaff Cutter Machine

  1. Larger feed inlet, thicker blades, manganese wheels.
  2. High power, low noise, low power consumption.
  3. Dual use hay chaff cutter. Dry and wet grass can be cut.
  4. Convenient and time-saving, simple operation, efficient and labor-saving, safe and fast.

Wide Applications of Small Hay Chopper

This mini chaff cutter machine is applied to crush various dry and wet grass, for example, corn straw, kinds of grass, peanut stems, beans straw, rice and wheat stalk, alfalfa, sugarcane leaf, hay, etc.

Application of chaff cutter
application of chaff cutter

Effect Display

After cutting, the forage is shown below.

Effect-animal feed chaff cutter machine
effect-animal feed chaff cutter machine

What Kind of Animals Use as Forage?

After cutting into small pieces by the small hay cutter, it can be used for feeding the cow, horse, sheep, goose, chicken, duck, deer, rabbits, and other animals. Also, it’s the ideal equipment for large, medium, small farms, and families to feed poultry!

Applicable animals-mini chaff cutter
applicable animals

Mini Chaff Cutter Price

This chaff cutter machine for agriculture has different prices, affected by the following factors:

  1. Purchasing quantity.
  2. Power selection.
  3. Blade quantity.
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