9Z-1.2 Chaff Cutter

9Z-1.2 chaff cutter

This type of chaff cutter is medium size forage cutter, with a capacity of 1.2t, 1.5t, 1.8t. The silage chopper can be equipped with an electric motor, diesel engine, or gasoline engine. Thus, it’s convenient for the place where it lacks electricity. Besides, both dry and wet grass can be cut into pieces as animal feed. It has advantages of good adaptability, good crushing effect, wide processing range. Moreover, after processing the grass, the forage can be stored for a longer time. Welcome to contact us for more details!

Brief Introduction in Video

Structure of Straw Chopper 

This chaff cutter for sale has fast and convenient operation, so the structure is simple. It includes hay guillotine inlet, knife cavity, high ejector discharge hole, pure copper core motor, crushing outlet, mobile casters.

Structure of fodder cutter
structure of fodder cutter

Technical Parameters of Chaff Cutter

From its models, it’s easily clearly found that this series fodder cutter has a different capacity to meet your demands. According to your actual situation, choose the most suitable one.

Structure TypeDisk TypeDisk TypeDisk Type
Speed of Main Shaft950r/min950r/min950r/min
Rotor Diameter470mm510mm560mm
Blades Quantity6pcs6pcs6pcs
Blades Shaperectanglerectanglerectangle
Speed of Feeding Roller360r/min360r/min360r/min
Feeding ModeManualManualManual
Chopping Size5mm,11mm,15mm5mm,11mm,15mm5mm,11mm,15mm
Feeding Inlet Width170mm180mm220mm

Features of Fodder Cutter

  • Thick manganese steel blade, strong and durable.
  • Pure copper core motor, providing the full power to the machine.
  • Sturdy frame. Place the motor firmly, and the machine works more stably.
  • Hay guillotine inlet. This inlet is longer and wider, so making feeding easier and more convenient.
  • Double straw pressure spring. It functions to freely up and down the pliers to send the grass.
Internal display of machine-straw chopper
internal display of machine-straw chopper

Scope of Applications of Chaff Cutter

This hay cutter is worth buying because it can be for multiple uses. The straw forage cutting machine can cut wet and dry, coarse and fine corn grain crushing. Such as corn stalk, corn cob, corn kernels, Pennisetum hydridum, peanut shells, wheatgrass, sugarcane straw, etc.

Scope of applications-9z-1. 2 chaff cutter
scope of applications

Applicable Animals Range

Why cut into pieces? Definitely, it’s for animals forage. Horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, rabbits, chickens……all the animals that need forage. Therefore, the chaff cutter is a good helper for farmers and herdsmen.

Animal to be feed-hay chopper
animal to be feed

In Taizy Silage Baler Company, we provide all kinds of chaff chopper machines for sale. The fodder cutting machine price varies based on your different demands. For example, the 9ZR-3 chaff cutter, the internal structure is different from the 9Z-1.2 chaff cutter. If you want more information about feed cutting machine, welcome to contact us immediately. And we’ll get back to you very soon!

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