9ZR-3 Hay Chopper

hay chopper

9ZR-3 hay chopper from Taizy Company can cut the dry and wet grass, stalks, straws, etc. into small pieces as animal feed. It’s with the capacity of 3t per hour. Also, the multifunctional fodder cutter is suitable for corn, wheat, cereals, and other crop stalks.

This chaff cutter can be equipped with the electric motor or diesel engine, as your actual conditions to choose. What’s more, it’s the ideal equipment of choice for forage processing for medium and large-scale breeding professional households. Looking forward to your inquiries!

Reasonable Structure of Silage Chopper

Totally, the hay chopper structure is very simple, including the inlet, outlet, adjustable handle, gearbox, motor, movable casters.

Structure of straw cutting machine
structure of straw cutting machine

Machine Technical Specifications

Equipped power3kW
Designed cutting length10/30mm
Feeding grass width240mm
Feeding methodAutomatic
Overall size1760*530*860mm

Characteristics of Straw Cutting Machine

  • Reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, safe and reliable.
  • Convenient maintenance, and high production efficiency.
  • Safe operation and strong adaptability.
  • High power, low noise, low power consumption.
  • Convenient disassembly and assembly, super wear-resistant.

Advantages of Hay Chopper

  1. Enlarged feeding width.
  2. Automatic feeding.
  3. Thickened manganese steel cutting blades.
  4. Pure copper wire motor.
Manganese blade
manganese blade
Pure copper wire motor
pure copper wire motor

What Crop Straw and Grass are Cut?  

It’s chaff cutter, one machine for multiple uses. Such as corn stalks, peanut shells, pennisetum hydridum, sugar cane head, straw, wheat grass, corn cob, corn kernels, sweet elephant grass, bean straw, peanut seedlings, sweet potato vine, etc. Attention, whether it’s dry or wet, both can be cut.

Applicable stalks
Applicable straw
applicable straw
Applicable grass
applicable grass

Animals to be Feed

Its chopping is mostly coarse feed, suitable for livestock use, such as horses, cows, sheep, pigs, rabbits, chickens, etc.

Animal to be feed-hay chopper
animal to be feed

Why Cutting Stalks by 9ZR-3 Forage Cutter?

After processing through this hay chopper machine, it not only improves the palatability of forage grass for cattle and sheep, and also increases the utilization rate of forage grass. The relevant social departments pay attention and promote this combined forage cutter.

Common Failure Analysis of Hay Chopper

1. Connect with the power, but no start.

Reason analysis: The voltage is too low, and the plugs, cables, and motor connectors are in poor contact.

Methods: Check whether all parts are normal.

2. Productivity drops.

Reason analysis: a) the material moisture content is too high; b) the motor power is insufficient; c) the feeding is uneven; d) rotary speed is too low or belt slips.

Methods: a) dry the materials; b) overhaul the motor; c) work at full load; d) ensure the speed, tighten the belt.

3. Uneven cutting length.

Reasons analysis: a) the cutting blade wears and becomes dull; b) the gap between the movable knife and the fixed knife is too large or uneven.

Methods: a) sharpen the blade and re-align the knife; b) re-adjust the gap between the movable knife and the fixed knife.

As a professional manufacturer and supplier, we provide various and multifunctional straw cutter and crusher. 9ZR-3 machine is the small chaff cutter. If you need a large-capacity animal feed chaff cutter machine, welcome to contact me for more details!

Mini chaff cutter 9z-0. 4
9Z-0.4 chaff cutter
9zr-5 chaff cutter
9ZR-5 chaff cutter
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