Straw Cutter and Grain Grinder

straw cutter and grain grinder

Straw cutter and grain Grinder is a multipurpose agriculture chaff cutter, integrating the hay chopping and maize grinding as the animal feed. This machine has been upgraded, adopting the blades and sieves inside, crushing grass into pieces, and grinding corns into fine powder. Besides, this silage chopper and maize crusher can use the gasoline engine, diesel engine, and electric motor. Also, it has simple structure, easy operation, and stable performance.

In Taizy Silage Baler & Chaff Cutter Company, we call this machine as TZY-D series. There are two kinds of this chaff cutter for sale: TZY-D1 and TZY-D2.

Reasonable Structure of Combined Grass Grain Crusher

The 9TZY-D series appear along with the times need. So, it has the humanized design, including the grain inlet, straw inlet, grain outlet, straw outlet, power. Generally speaking, it’s easy to understand and use.

Structure of straw cutter and grain grinder
structure of straw cutter and grain grinder

Machine Parameters

This series has the advantages of multiple power devices selection, good productivity, and easy operation. The power device of the straw cutter and grain grinder should match the model. Besides, TZY-D1 has a lighter weight. But TZY-D2 has more than twice the capacity. That means, under the same situation, TZY-D2 can produce more.

Power2.2kw motor, gasoline engine, 7.5HP diesel engine4kw motor or 8HP diesel engine
Capacity1t/h for corn, 1.5t/h for fresh straw, 600-800kg/h for dry straw1.5t/h for corn, 3t/h for fresh straw, 1.5t/h for dry straw
Blades3 rotary blades, 1 stationary blade 

Characteristics of Silage Cutter and Corn Crusher

  • 32 hammers are inside machine. This makes the straw and the grain fine feed.
  • This machine can match with 3 screens. Because it’s the straw cutter and grain grinder, respectively corresponding to the hay and grain to use.
  • Super quality. Our machines are adorably popular among Dubai, Kenya, Peru, etc.
  • This machine adopts chain automatic feeding device, and is suitable for forage with long diameter.
  • It adopts double-pushing roller suction and cutting device to make the final effect better without any blockage, improving working efficiency.

Applicable Range of Animal Feed Cutter

Actually, it’s suitable for dry and wet straws, such as corn stalks, wheat straws, rice straws, sorghum stalks, sugar cane stalks, alfalfa, etc. Also, grains like corns, peanut shells, and others.

Application of animal feed cutter
application of animal feed cutter

After processing into animal feed, we can breed cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, chickens, rabbits, gooses, camels, etc.

Working Principle

Firstly, turn on the rotor motor.

Secondly, after the operation is stable, turn on the automatic geared motor, and the automatic feeding device works.

Then, the operator evenly spreads the straw on the automatic feeding platform.

Next, feed the grass into the inlet and the raw material goes into the drum from the cutting device at a high speed, and blades are used to hit, tear, and smash them into a filament shape.

Finally, the grass is thrown out of the machine by centrifugal force.

Differences between TZY-D1 and TZY-D2

Although both are the straw cutter and grain grinder, they have differences. Listed as below:

  1. Appearance. Comparing with the TZY-D1, TZY-D2 is a little bigger and wider.
  2. Capacity. Whatever the fresh or dry straws or the corns, TZY-D2 has higher capacity. For example, for fresh straw, TZY-D1 is 1.5t/h while TZY-D2 is 3t/h.
  3. Power. In the terms of power device, the same power is also different. For instance, if both use diesel engine, TZY-D1 uses 7.5HP diesel engine, but TZY-D2 chooses 8HP diesel engine.
comparison of straw cutter and grain grinder

Other Equipment to Recommend

As a professional agricultural machine manufacturer and supplier, we not only provide the chaff cutter and maize crusher, also supply the silage baler, fodder cutter, etc. If now you’re running a business related to agriculture, welcome to contact us for more information.

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