What is Fodder Cutter?

fodder cutter

Among the people who keep animals, they all understand that preparing animal feed is a big deal. When preparing the feed, you need to use the cattle fodder cutter. This silage chopper is mainly used to cut various wet and dry raw materials such as straw, straw, hay, etc. into small pieces. The feed is kept for a longer period of time.

Also, this tractor fodder cutting machine has the same function as the stalk harvester and recycling machine, harvesting stalks in the fields.

How Many Types of Chaff Cutters are There?

As a professional silage machine manufacturer and supplier, we have a wide variety of guillotine machines. According to the output, from the smallest 0.4t to 15t, there are all kinds of machines with various outputs. There are 10 types of fodder cutter reaper machine, 9Z-0.4, 9Z-0.4A, 9Z-1.2/1.5/1.8, 9Z-2.5A, 9Z-2.8A, 9Z-3A, 9Z-4.5A, 9Z- 6.5A, 9Z-8A, 9Z-10A/15A.
We also have chaff cutter and crusher, chaff cutter and grain grinder. We are a professional company, if you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

Fodder cutter
fodder cutter

Which Motor is Used in Chaff Cutter?

In fact, every fodder chaff cutter engine is different. Because they have to match machines themselves. For example, a 9Z-0.4 machine comes with a 3 kW motor, while a 9z-10A requires a 15-18.5 kW motor. Therefore, different models of grass choppers use motors of different powers. If no idea, you can contact us, our sales manager will answer you one by one.

Electric motor
electric motor

How Much is A Chaff Cutter?

Affected by various factors, the fodder cutter value is different.
Yields vary. Generally speaking, the price of machines with different outputs is naturally different.
Regions are different. Exporting to different countries, the freight and so on are not the same. For example, fodder cutter prices in Kenya are not the same as in Pakistan.

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