9Z-6.5A Silage Chopper

9Z-6.5A silage chopper machine

This kind of 9Z-6.5A silage chopper machine belongs to 9Z series chaff cutter, with a capacity of 6500kg per hour. So, it’s suitable for medium and large farms. And this silage cutting machine can benefit your business. After cutting into pieces by this machine, the silage wrapping machine can bale the silage into round shapes to extend the shelf life. Thus, you can store enough silage feed for animals.

Also, our silage chopping machine is famous overseas and has been exported to more than 80 countries and regions, such as Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Philippines, Madagascar, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Haiti, etc. If you have an interest, welcome to contact us at any time. And we’ll get back to you very soon!

Brief Introduction to Silage Chopping Machine

When you want to buy this forage cutting machine, you should have a basic understanding of it. The silage chopper machine for sale has convenient operation, high quality, and stable performance. It can be mounted with the tractor, achieving working at any proper location. Besides, the hay cutting machine has a wide range of applications, cutting dry or wet grass, stalks, straws, hay, etc. What’s more, we are integrated manufacturing and trading. Compared with other suppliers, our machines are more competitive in price. Looking forward to your inquiry!

Structure of Chaff Cutter Machine

This forage chopper design is catering to human usage. From the inlet, the stalks or grass automatically come to the working chamber. The machine knife will cut them into small pieces. Finally, the crushed silage feed comes out from the high ejector discharge hole. The silage chopper machine also has mobile wheels for easy movement. And the copper core motor supplies all the power that is needed in the working progress. So, when you use this chaff cutting machine, it’s easy to understand and operate.

Structure of grass cutting machine
structure of grass cutting machine

Technical Parameters

The fodder chopper machine gets its name because of its capacity of 6500kg per hour. And the motor power ranges from 7.5-11kW, which is enough to support the machine work. Also, you can use a diesel engine with 15-20hp. The blades can cut the stalks or grass or hay into small pieces with 10-45mm. One more thing, the length is adjustable by adjusting the handle.

Supporting power7.5-11kW motor OR 15-20hp diesel engine
Motor speed1440rpm
Machine weight400kg(excluding motor)
Machine output6500kg/h
Number of blades3/4 pieces
Number of pieces9/12 pieces
Feeding methodautomatic feeding
Structure formguillotine kneading
Discharge effect10-45mm

Highlights of Silage Chopper Machine for Sale

  1. The conveyor belt inlet is automatic feeding, convenient and fast, and higher efficiency.
  2. Blades adopt the thickened manganese steel, having the advantage of being strong and durable.
  3. The machine is equipped with a pure copper core motor, because its fast speed can provide slow power for the machine to work.
  4. The slidable wheels provide convenience for the machine movement, making it more convenient to use, and this design is more user-friendly.
  5. There are parts that can be customized. For example, the power can be replaced by a diesel engine, and the wheels can also be replaced by large wheels.

What Grass Can Be Cut?

Being a professional silage cutter manufacturer and supplier, our forage cutting machines have a variety of applications. For instance, the dry straw, dry branches, corn stovers, soybean stalks, sugar cane heads, weeds, alfalfa, hay, straws, wheat straw, etc. The silage chopper machine can cut them whether they’re dry or wet.

Applications-hay cutter
applications-hay cutter

What Animals Can Eat This Silage Feed?

Due to the silage feed, of course, the animal should be the herbivores. Horses, cows, cattle, sheep, rabbits, camels, and others consider the grass as their meals. For example, cows in the dairy farm need a large amount of grass, and the grass chopper can help store sufficient silage feed. Therefore, if you have such farms, you can buy one automatic silage chopper machine to boost your farm business.

Animal to be feed-hay chopper
animal to be feed

How to Safely Operate Grass Cutting Machine?

  1. Before starting the machine, you must read the instruction manual carefully and make necessary adjustments and maintenance.
  2. The supporting power must meet the requirements, and it is strictly forbidden to increase the spindle speed without permission.
  3. It is not allowed to remove the safety protection devices of various parts at will.
  4. When feeding the material, it is strictly forbidden for the operator’s hand to approach the blade, in order to avoid personal injury.
  5. Feeding should be uniform, not more or less, faster or slower.
  6. After the machine has been started for a few hours, observe whether there are signs of looseness in various parts of the machine, and regularly add butter for maintenance.
Operate the silage chopping machine
operate the silage chopping machine

Successful Case: Automatic Forage Chopper Machine Sold to Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwe customer contacted us via WhatsApp. Grace, our sales manager, answered him. Through the conversation, Grace learned that he had a cattle farm, which provided cattle for the majority of farmers. Therefore, he needed enough feed to ensure that his cattle had enough physical strength. Then, Grace sent the relevant parameters of the machine, working video and photos. After reading it, Zimbabwean customer was very satisfied. So he ordered immediately. After receiving the machine, the Zimbabwe customer gave us good feedback. And after a few weeks, he repurchased a silage baler and wrapper machine.

Case show
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