70 model maize silage baler with silo for Malaysian dairy farm

big maize silage baler

The Malaysian customer is a dairy farmer with a milk marketing business. He has a large farm and needs a large baling and wrapping machine to handle large quantities of corn stalks with netting for baling, because the corn stalks are so small, and not suitable for using rope.

Customer needs

The customer needed a large model maize silage baler that could efficiently handle corn stalks and bale it with netting. He wanted a machine that would increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, and ensure consistent and reliable baling results.

Corn silage bales
corn silage bales

Our solution

To meet the customer’s needs, we recommended our Model 70 Silage Bale Wrapper. This maize silage baler has a large working capacity and is able to handle large quantities of corn stover quickly and efficiently. Meanwhile, we also equipped with silo for customer’s material storage and management.

Final order list for Malaysia

Product name: Model 70 Corn Silage Bale Wrapping Machine

Matched equipment: Silo

Material used: Plastic net

Quantity: 1 set

With our maize silage baler machine, he can realize the efficient baling of corn stalks, improve the working efficiency, reduce the labor cost, and provide a stable supply of raw materials for the farm’s milk production.

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