Silage Baler Machine 70 type

silage baler
silage baler

Silage baler machine is especially for bundling and wrapping feed into 70*70 round shape. It can bundle dry and fresh grasses, such as silage, corn stalks, reed leaf, etc. This machine is fully automatic opening the silo door and cutting the film. Because of the double film wrapping, the machine has high efficiency, improving the work rate. This machine functions to store feed for the animals. The feed stored can exist for a long time without nutrition loss. So, it plays an important role in animal husbandry. If you’re running a farm, it’s necessary to get one silage baler machine for your animals in order to get through the winter. Welcome to contact us as soon as possible!

Working Progress of Silage Baling And Wrapping Machine

Advantages of Silage Baler for Sale

  • High efficiency. Due to the double film working, the working efficiency is greatly improved.
  • Fully automatic. This silage baler machine is automatically completing the door opening, as well as film cutting.
  • Wide applications. It can pack the dry and fresh grass. For example, hay, sugarcane leave, maize straw, wheat straw, etc.
  • Only plastic net is applied. For 70-type silage baler and wrapper, the bundling material can solely use the plastic net.
  • Automatically alarm for the material pressing as well as bundling.
  • The packed weight range is within 180-260kg.  
  • You can choose different motors based on your different working scene.

Structure of Automatic Silage Baler Machine

Structure of silage wrapper machine
structure of silage wrapper machine

1, Conveyor 2, Transmission mechanism 3, Main transmission mechanism 4, Motor 5, Wrapping machine 6, Frame 7, Wheel

Technical Parameters of Silage Wrapping Machine

Equipped power(kW)11/0.55/0.75/0.37/3
Bundling size(mm)700*700
Grass weight after wrapping(kg)180-260
Production efficiency(bundles/h)50-65
Wrapping film efficiency22s/6 layers
Method of cutting filmautomatic
Method of bundlingautomatic
Machine size(mm)4500*1900*2000

Packed Materials and Applicable Animals

Materials are widely referred to as those that can be eaten by animals. Generally, you should plan to store the grass in advance. And the applicable animals are those who eat grass, such as horses, cows, sheep, etc.

Differences Between 50-type and 70-type Round Baler

  1. Shape. From the appearance, the 50-type silage baler machine produces the feed in much smaller shape. But the 70-type one is obviously bigger.
  2. Machine size. Compared to 50-type machine, the 70-type silage baler is occupying much more space to place.
  3. Wrapping film. The 70-type one adopts the double film to wrap simultaneously, while the 50-type only has one film.
Shape-different finished products
shape-different finished products


1. Check the meshing of the chain and sprocket, and replace those with severe wear.

2. Check the axial and radial clearance of each shaft, adjust or replace it.

3. Whether each gas path is unobstructed, add lubricating oil to each rotating part.

4. Remove each protective cover, clear the obstruction, and reinstall the protective cover.

Equipment for Your Option

Generally, we collocate the mixer with the silage baler. Both come from Taizy company. They’re finely matched. From long-term development, this greatly improves work efficiency, saves manpower, as well as creates greater profits.

Mixer with silage baler
mixer with silage baler

Successful Case: Silage Wrapper Machine Exported to Portugal 

This year, in June one customer from Portugal inquired us to purchase the silage baler, in order to pack rubbish. Because Portugal belongs to European Union, he required the machine with CE. And our machines have CE and also are of good quality, high efficiency, and stable performance. Therefore, he purchased two silage balers for his usage. Our factory produced these two machines according to his demands and tagged “CE” “made in China” “warning” on the machines and wooden cases. Of course, it’s for customs inspection. Welcome to contact us for more details, and we’ll reply as soon as possible!

Silage baler exported to portugal
silage baler exported to Portugal
Case show
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