Chaff Cutter Machine Turning Straw/Stalk into Treasure

The Application of straw/stalk

Straw or stalk disposal has always been a big problem that plagues farmers. How to comprehensively use a straw, reduce pollution, and increase farmers’ income is a hot issue that is currently the most concern. Vigorously improving the utilization rate of straw resources, the chaff cutter has opened up a broad development path for the comprehensive utilization of crops.

Which Machines Can Turn Straw into Treasure?

Grass cutting machine, straw cutter machine, silage harvester, and silage baler and wrapper

  1. Grass cutting machine: The cutter machine is mainly used to cutting crop stalks and pasture, etc. Because most of its chopped feed is coarse feed, it is suitable for cattle, sheep, and other livestock farmers.
  2. Straw/chaff cutter machine: This chucking machine is used to cut green and dry corn stalks, wheat straw, rice straw, and other crop stalks and pasture. All kinds of livestock such as cattle, sheep, and horses are especially suitable to eat.
  3. Straw/silage harvester: The silage harvester machine can cut, harvest, and shred corn stalks, cotton stalks, pasture, and other crop stalks at one time. It can work in the field towed by a tractor.
  4. Silage baler and wrapper machine: The silage baler and wrapper machine stores the crushed straw, straw, etc. The broken straw can finish fermenting after wrapping. It has good palatability and has a long storage time. So providing a continuous feed for livestock.
Chaff cutter, silage harvester,grass cutting
chaff cutter, silage harvester, grass cutting

Straw Turning Waste into Treasure: the Strategy of Matching Machines

silage harvester, grass cutting machine, and chaff cutter

  • The grass cutting machine and the chaff cutter machine can be used for household and breeding. You can cut stalks, straws, grass as much as you need. It is convenient to operate. So what you get are fresh feed and sufficient nutrients.
  • You can use a straw and chaff cutter machine with the baling and wrapping machine. So you can store this crushed straw and chaff for a long time for later use.
  • The silage harvester machine is used with the baler and wrapper machine. You can harvest stalk in the field by the silage harvester and then transport it. According to your own needs, you can silage, then bale, and store.
All kinds of stalk
all kinds of stalk

Application of Straw Treasure

  1. After reclaimed the straw or stalk, it is mainly used for livestock breeding. It can replace part of the forage as a rough feed when you feed cattle and sheep and other livestock. So the breeding cost is more than half lower than that of feeding forage.
  2. You can collect farmland straw for dry storage. After mechanized baling, you can transport them to the processing plant to make organic fertilizer for secondary use.
  3. The straw can be stored for a long time after being crushed, baled, and wrapped to store nutrients for winter.
  4. After the corn stalks are harvested, they are layered, processed, sealed, and fermented. They are the best feed for cattle and sheep. The livestock love to eat and that have high nutritional value. It is beneficial to the gastrointestinal absorption of livestock, and can also improve the disease resistance of livestock.
  5. Making full use of the waste straw, and turn it into treasure. That can replace coal, electricity, oil, gas as an energy source, or use it as feed, fertilizer, and edible fungus base material. It is beneficial to reduce straw burning and save coal consumption. It improves environmental quality and reduces pollutant emissions.

Straw recycling has become another important industry for farmers to get rich and increase income. It vigorously promotes the use of straw for feeding, fertilizing, base material, energy, and raw materials. Improving the comprehensive utilization rate of agricultural waste resources, avoiding the pollution caused by incineration, and protecting the ecological environment.

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