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silage harvester and recycling machine

The Introduction of Silage Harvester and Recycling Machine

Type One

The straw harvester and recycling machine work with the tractor. When is working, the output power of the tractor is transmitted to the harvester through the universal joint. The stalk is cut, sucked, and crushed by the high-speed rotating blade. Then enters the conveying device under the combined action of centrifugal force and airflow. And next is sent to the centrifugal thrower by the conveying device. Finally, put the broken straw into the container.

Straw harvester and recycling machine with the tractor
straw harvester and recycling machine with the tractor

Working Video Type One

Type Two

The machine also can do without a recycling basket, and the crushed straw or corn stalk goes directly to the ground. You can also configure a recycling truck and collect it directly.

Corn stalk harvesting machine
corn stalk harvesting machine

Working Video of Type Two

Function of Straw Harvester Machine

The silage crushing and recycling machine can cut, harvest, shred, throw and load corn stalks, cotton stalks, pasture, and other crop stalks at one time. It can also return them to the field after being cut and crushed.  After the cut and crushed completely, the straw and pasture meet the index requirements.

Harvesting effect
harvesting effect

Applications of Silage Harvester and Recycling Machine

After the grain is harvested, The crop stalks standing upright can be cut, kneaded, crushed, and recycled by the straw harvester machine powered by a tractor. Compared with traditional harvesting methods, multiple processes such as cutting, bundling, and transporting are eliminated.

It is an ideal feed material for animal husbandry. The direct crushing and recycling of crop stalks is a new agricultural mechanization technology with multiple benefits, with significant economic and social benefits.

Applications of silage harvester and recycling machine
applications of silage harvester and recycling machine

Advantages of Stalk Harvester

  • The machine is equipped with a materials container so that the silage and yellow storage feed can be smoothly entered into the material truck.
  • The machine will not be restricted by crop height and fall situation and can be harvested at will.
  • According to the required stubble height and ground leveling, we can control the hydraulic cylinder to adjust the header up and down to a proper position. There is also a height positioning device for the cutting table, which can accurately determine the cutting height.
  • The hydraulic speed change device can control the driving speed at any time.
  • With a small turning radius, it can tow the trailer and clear the way into the harvesting area.
Advantage details
advantage details

According to different models of straw harvester machines, the general operating efficiency is also different. Generally, the silage harvester machine efficiency is 4-10 acres/hour. And the harvesting range of this machine is 1-2.4 meters. Also, you can choose a harvester machine according to different regions. In addition, we can customize the corn stalk harvester machine.


What kind of machine can be used with the harvester machine?

This machine can be used together with a silage baler and wrapper machine. But the silage harvester was driven by the tractor. The crushed stalk and straw can be silaged.

What are the stubble height and fitneness after crushing respectively?

The stubble height is 8-15 cm, and the fineness is 3-5 cm.

Can the silage harvester machine work on wet ground?

No, this will damage the blade. In severe cases, the hoist may be blocked

How does the machine work?

First, the roller at the front of the machine press drown the crop, then the Y-shaped blade harvester the crop, and the hammer inside the machine crushes the straw.

What is the function of the machine?

Crushing straw and recycling function.

Can I buy only the crushed part?

Yes, you can. It can crush the straw separately (the price will be cheaper). It is recommended to use the hopper car by yourself and work with the crush part.

Can the machine process dry straw

Yes, it can. But green straws are best for freshness, which is good for animals to eat and store.

Work Scenes of Straw Harvester and Recycling Machine

Technical Parameters of Silage Harvester Machine

Harvesting Width1– 2.4 meter
Weight800-1400 KG
Dimension1.6*1.2*2.8 meter
Engine60-100 HP tractor

The working width of the straw harvester machine ranges from 1 meter to 2.4 meters, and different widths should equip with tractors with different horsepower. Of course, the weight of the machine will change accordingly.

Cutting widthWith Recycling basket or notHorsepower of tractor
1m Yes≥60 hp
1.3m Yes≥70 hp
1.3m No≥40 hp
1.5m Yes≥75 hp
1.5m No≥50 hp
1.65m Yes≥90 hp
1.65m No≥55 hp
1.8m Yes≥100 hp
1.8m No≥60 hp
2m Yes≥110 hp
2m No≥70 hp
2.2m No≥75hp
2.4m No≥90hp
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