Chaff Cutter Machine for Cutting Grass, Straw, Corn Stalk

chaff cutter machine
chaff cutter machine

The chaff cutter machine is mainly used for cutting crop stalks such as corn stalks, wheat straws, straws, pastures, grass, etc. Most of the coarse fodder obtained through cutting, slicing, and crushing is suitable for feeding cattle, sheep, rabbits, cows, and other livestock. We have large-output grass cutters, small-output chaff cutters, household grass cutting machines.

Structural Characteristics of Large-Output Chaff Cutter Machine

The chaff cutting machine consists of a feeding mechanism, guillotine mechanism, throwing mechanism, transmission mechanism, walking mechanism, protective device, and frame.

  1. The roller drive shaft adopts universal joints. It has a compact structure, flexible operation, and convenient assembly and disassembly.
  2. The spring can control the size of the inlet and outlet to control the feed volume.
  3. Three thickened blades can increase durability and crushability, so it is not damaged easily.
  4. Four wheels also make the chaff cutter move flexibly or fixed.
  5. This chaff cutting machine can equip a diesel engine or electric engine. And circulating water cools the engine parts to ensure the life and durability of the engine.
  6. This machine has a large capacity, which crushes 10 tons of various straws per hour. So it has high working efficiency and a wide crushing range.
Stalk cutting machine
stalk cutting machine

Working Video of Large-Yield Chaff Cutter Machine

Structural Characteristics of Small Grass Cutter Machine

  1. The grass cutting machine uses a steel frame structure, and the small size is convenient to operate.
  2. The roller adopts universal joints. It has compact structures, simple operations, and easy assembly.
  3. The chaff cutter machine can equip motors and diesel engines, especially in areas with insufficient power.
  4. This machine adopts a hammer structure and longitudinal cutting form and has a low failure rate.
  5. The blade is made of high-quality steel. Due to a special refining process, it has the characteristic of super wear-resistant, safe and reliable.
  6. The fine forage produced by this grass cutter machine can feed sheep and rabbits, so it can facilitate the digestion of animals.
Grass cutting machine
grass cutting machine

Working Video of the Grass Cutting Machine

Repair and Maintenance

  1. Check whether the screws are loose or not. If it is loose, tighten them frequently.
  2. Strengthen the maintenance of bearing seats, couplings, and transmission boxes. Also, add or replace lubricating oil regularly.
  3. For a chaff cutter machine with adjustable cutting gaps, you can adjust the cutting gap reasonably according to the thickness of the crop stalks. So you can ensure that the grass cutters work normally.
  4. When you find the blade edge is blunt, you should use oilstone to sharpen the blade.
  5. Every time you use the machine, you should remove the sundries and dirt on the machine in time. After the end of the season, you also should remove the sundries in the machine. You should coat anti-rust oil on working parts and place it in a ventilated and dry indoor place.
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