Tanzania client visited Taizy silage baling machine factory

Tanzania client visited Taizy silage baling machine factory

An agricultural entrepreneur from Tanzania recently showed great interest in Taizy silage baling machines and visited our production factory for an in-depth inspection.

Visit process of the Tanzania client in Taizy silage baling machine factory

On this visit, the customer was given a thorough tour of our factory and how the machines work. His first concern was the performance of the machine, and we demonstrated the working process of the baling and wrapping machine for him. The customer witnessed the efficient operation of the machine and how it bales plant material into sturdy bundles, ensuring high quality and preservation of the feed.

Taizy silage baling machine manufacturer
Taizy silage baling machine manufacturer

During the visit, we also showed a video of the working of the silage baling machine so that the customer could better visualize how the machine operates. He spoke highly of the stability and ease of use of the machine.

In addition to this, we also shared a sample of the completed product with the customer so that he could check the quality of the silage bales. He highly recognized the sturdiness and sealing of the finished product, which he felt met the needs of his farm.

At the end of the visit, the customer said he was very impressed with the Taizy silage baling machine, which he thought would be ideal for improving the efficiency and quality of feed preparation on his farm. He also expressed his wish to establish a long-term cooperation relationship with us on corn silage baler.

Silage baling machine factory visit video from Tanzania client

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