Silage Making Machine Shipped to Pakistan

silage making machine for sale

Our silage making machine is specially designed for baling and wrapping silage for long-term storage. Taizy silage baling and wrapping machine is characterized by high efficiency, good quality, and performance. In addition, the silage baler machine is so popular that they are exported abroad to countries such as Kenya, Indonesia, and Pakistan. Recently a customer from Pakistan ordered a semi-automatic baling and wrapping machine from us.

Basic information about the Pakistan customer

This Pakistani customer is selling silage locally and now wants to buy a baling and wrapping machine to wrap the feed and extend its storage time. So he started looking for a related machine online and came across our silage making machine and thought it would be perfect for him, so he sent us an inquiry.

Order details of the silage making machine for the Pakistan customer

Silage making machine for sale

Our sales manager, Coco, contacted him to introduce him to the machine. Knowing that he had known about this silage making machine before, Coco explained that there are two types of machine, the 55-52 and the 70. In terms of automation, they are divided into fully automatic and semi-automatic ones. The Pakistani customer wanted to know the distinction between fully automatic and semi-automatic machines, so Coco went into detail about the automation part, which mainly lies in the air compressor.

In addition to this, the customer also wanted to know about the materials used for bundling and wrapping silage. After these questions had been addressed, the customer decided to purchase the 55-52 model semi-automatic silage packing machine and placed an order.

Machine Parameters for the Pakistan customer

Silage baling and wrapping machineType: semi-automatic with motor
Model: TS-55-52
Power: 5.5+1.1kw,  3 phase
Bale size: Φ550*520mm
Baling speed: 30-50 bundles/h
Size: 2135*1350*1300mm
Gross weight: 650kg with packaging
Bale weight: 30-90kg/bale
Bale density: 450-500kg/m³
Rope consumption: 2.5kg/t
Baling type: Round shape with film for long time storage
Wrapping machine power: 1.1-3kw, 3 phase
Film wrapping speed:13s for 2 layer film ,19s for 3 layer film
1 set
YarnWeight: 5kg
Length: 2500m
Bundling amounts:85bales
2 pcs
FilmWeight: 10.4KG
Length: 1800m
Thickness: 25u
Packaging size: 270*270*270mm
Two-layer wrapping amounts: 80bales
Three-layer wrapping amounts: 55bales
2 pcs
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