How Do Farmers Choose Straw harvester and Chaff Cutter?

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In China, not only pork is very expensive, but other meats are also very expensive. Many other industries have turned to breed and started to enter the livestock industry. Whether it is small-scale family breeding or large-scale breeding, it must base on the principle of reducing manpower and material resources and be scientific.
The feed is a must for breeding. The purchase price of feed is high and the nutrition is low. What should you do? Do it yourself? Impossible. You need a series of mechanical equipment to process the feed yourself. Now we tell you how do you save time and effort. If you want to crush raw materials and feed them directly, you need a stalk harvester. If you want to make pellets, you need a feed pellet machine, but no matter which one is inseparable from a straw harvester machine or chaff cutter machine because this is the basic and first step, the question is how farmers should choose a stalk harvester machine.

How to Choose a Straw Harvester or Chaff Cutter?

There are two types of straw processing machines, one is cut processing, and another is crushing processing. The silage harvester machine is mainly used for raising cattle and sheep. While the materials processed by the chaff cutter are relatively fine, and the crushed material is powdery. You can mix these materials with some grains, so it is suitable for feeding chickens, rabbits, and geese. For the breeding industry, the nutritional content of the feed is very important, and the nutritional content directly affects the growth of poultry.

Users can choose to blend different raw materials according to nutritional ingredients to achieve the purpose of nutritional balance. Crude protein fiber components include crude cellulose, cellulose, hemicellulose, corn stover, rice straw, wheat straw, barley straw, oat straw, and sorghum straw. In order to farming, you can choose different straw whose nutritional content is related to poultry digestibility. The protein content in rice straw is not too high, only about 3-6% of the total composition. For the protein required by poultry, it can only maintain about 70%, so you can mix organic substances that increase protein to achieve a balanced state so that the poultry can grow healthily.

When buying a stalk harvester, don’t be greedy for cheap. Buying a straw harvester machine won’t cost you too much. and you can be assured of production. A defective machine cannot save a lot of money, let alone quality issues and other issues. When buying, you must choose a strong manufacturer that can solve your after-sale problems.

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