Double Cylinder Hydraulic Silage Baler

double cylinder hydraulic silage baler

Double cylinder hydraulic silage baler is a machine for compressing, bundling and packing crushed materials. As the name implies, this hay baler machine has two cylinders to work. It bundles the hay, stalks, corn stalks, and others into square shapes. And the square bale size is 700*400*300mm. Of course, it’s widely used in animal husbandry forage green storage. Besides, the double cylinder hydraulic press silage baling machine has an optional power system: diesel engine or electric motor. Therefore, you can choose the suitable one based on your actual situation. Moreover, the grass after baling can be stored for a longer time. But you should prepare PE & PP bags to pack the grass. If any doubts, welcome to contact us for more information. We’ll reply very soon!

Structure of Hydraulic Bale Machine for Sale

This hydraulic straw baling machine is mainly composed of diesel engine, hydraulic system, material storage system, compression mechanism, bagging mechanism, walking mechanism, and electrical system. Various parts of the double cylinder hydraulic silage baling machine are detailed as below:

Structure of double hydraulic baler
structure of double hydraulic baler
Structure of hydraulic baler
structure of hydraulic baler

Technical Parameters

Power15kw motor or 28HP diesel engine
Displacement of oil cylinder63-80L/min
Normal-pressure of oil cylinder16Mpa
Bale size700*400*300mm
Bale Density300-400kg/h
Bundling efficiency1-2t/h

Advantages of Double Cylinder Hydraulic Baling Machine

  • Compact structure, easy operation, as well as stable performance.
  • Fully automatic baling, thus saving labour cost .
  • Baling grass reduces volume and increases density, at the same time, easy to transport and store. 
  • Optional power: diesel engine or electric motor.
  • Long preservation time (natural preservation for up to 3 years).
  • PE & PP bags to store. so, low packaging cost.
  • Higher efficiency and better quality.
  • On the control cabinet, you can set the manual mode or the automatic mode.

Applications of Hydraulic Silage Baler

This double cylinder hydraulic hay baler can bale materials, such as straw, silage corn straw, wheat straw, imperial bamboo grass, wood shavings, sawdust, and other materials. Also, the baled grass can be used to feed cows, horses, sheep, rabbits, etc.

Working Principle of Hydraulic Press Baler

  1. The main cylinder is horizontally pushed as well as compacted.

2. The side cylinder is longitudinally compacted. 

3. The package head is pushed into the package.

Working Video of Double Hydraulic Baler

Finished Products

Finished products-hydraulic press baler
finished products

Consumable Materials

  1. PE & PP bags.

Generally speaking, we use these to pack the grass. So prepare enough materials.

2. Diesel oil.

When you choose the diesel engine, diesel oil is necessary. Before starting, check the diesel oil to ensure the diesel oil is sufficient.

In Taizy Company, we have various agricultural machines. Generally, we collocate chaff cutter or crusher&conveyor with the double cylinder hydraulic silage baler, making high work efficiency and realizing high automation. But, concerning how to choose the suitable one to cooperate with, you can consult our professional sales managers for exact answers! We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Crusher and conveyor-hydraulic press baler
crusher and conveyor

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