Combined Chaff Cutter and Grain Crusher

chaff cutter and grain crusher

The chaff cutter and grain crusher machine is integrating the straw cutting and grain grinding for multipurpose uses. Thus, it can create more profits for you under the same conditions as the other machines. The multifunctional straw cutter and grain grinder can cut the corn stalks, wheat straws, rice straws, sorghum stalks, and other crops. Also, it can crush various grains, like corns, soybeans, etc. The straw pulverizer and grinder can be powered by the gasoline engine or electric motor. Besides, the sieve is inside the machine. So, the size of the crushed materials can be adjusted by replacing the sieve. Of course, we provide the customization service. We can customize the sieve according to the customers’ requirements. Looking forward to your inquiries!

Structure of Straw Cutter and Grains Grinder

As a professional chaff cutter manufacturer and supplier, our machines have the reasonable structure, in order to understand and operate easily. Two inlets are available, one for grains, another one for stalks. What’s more, there are three outlets, divided into high, middle, low discharge holes. The motor is equipped to provide the power for the whole machine to run.  

Structure-grass chopper and grain grinder
structure-grass chopper and grain grinder

Technical Specifications

From the below data, this new type of grass chopper has better production efficiency. Due to the new type, this machine has more blades and advantages of wider inlets and three outlets. Apart from these, the sieve can be replaced according to the actual demands.

Model9ZF-500B(new type)
Power3kW electric motor
Motor speed2800rpm
Machine weight55kg (excluding motor)
Production capacity1200kg/h
Crushing capacity300-500kg/h
Number of blades3pcs
Number of flail knife24pcs
Number of triangular kneading knife18pcss
Number of sieves4pcs
Feeding methodManual feeding

Features of Forage Cutter

  1. Dual use. Because whatever the dry or wet stalks, this combined chaff cutter and grain crusher can use. Moreover, this machine can crush the grains.
  2. Power. The gasoline engine and electric motor is optional.
  3. Three outlets. You can flexibly choose the outlet based on materials you feed.
  4. Reasonable structure, good performance, high productivity.
  5. Super quality, good practicability, affordable price.

Advantages of Grass Chopper and Grain Grinder

  1. Strong and durable manganese blades.
  2. Adjustable four sieves, corresponding to the finished products you need.
  3. Wide processing range, both stalks and grains are available.
  4. Noise and energy saving, high efficiency.
  5. Strong and wear-resistant.

Wide Application 

The chaff cutter and grain crusher machine for sale have a wide variety of application, including stalks and grains. Stalks such as corn stalks, sorghum stalks, rice straws, wheat straws, hay, sugar can straw, grass, Pennisetum hydridum, alfalfa, etc. Grains like corn, corn cob, peanut shells, etc.

Scope of applications-9z-1. 2 chaff cutter
scope of applications

After grass chopping, the forage is used as animal feed. Animals like horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, rabbits, chickens all need these.

Animal to be feed-hay chopper
animal to be feed

Why Chopping Grass as Animal Fodder?

As the chaff cutter price differs, when you decide to purchase the machine, you should understand the benefits. There are two reasons for your information:

  1. After crushing stalks, the fodder is beneficial for animals to digest.
  2. It’s convenient to store for a long time. And it’s good for animals in a time when lacks food.

Customization Service

We provide the customization service as well. List some items for your reference. If you want more details, welcome to contact us at any time!




9z-1. 2 chaff cutter
9Z-1.2 chaff cutter
Hay chopper
9ZR-3 hay chopper
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