How about Taizy chaff cutter in Kenya?

chaff cutter in Kenya

With the popularization of agricultural machinery in Africa, more and more Kenyan farmers are using chaff cutters to improve productivity. As a leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery, Taizy’s chaff chopper has attracted much attention in the Kenyan market. So, how does Taizy chaff cutter perform in Kenya?

In this article, we will introduce why use Taizy chaff cutter in Kenya, attractions of our chaff cutting machine and how to order one.

Why use Taizy chaff cutter in Kenya?

In Kenya, agriculture and animal husbandry are the mainstays of the economy. During the dry season, silage provides a stable and highly nutritious source of feed in husbandry. And, silage not only meets the nutritional needs of livestock such as cattle and sheep, but also helps farmers reduce feed costs and improve the overall efficiency of the livestock sector.

Silage is mainly made from crop residues such as corn stover, bagasse and pasture. Therefore, farmers need efficient and reliable equipment to process crop residues and feed. Taizy animal feed cutting machine is the ideal machine to meet their needs.

Attractions of Taizy chaff cutting machine for Kenyan farms

Our chaff chopper is a popular choice for Kenyan farms due to its many superior features.

  • Powerful cutting capabilities: The machine is able to handle various types of crop residues, including corn stover, sugarcane residue and pasture grass. This allows farmers to easily convert various crop residues into high-quality feed.
  • User-friendly design and simple to operate: It does not require special training and is easy to use even for less skilled farmers.
  • Durability and reliability: Our machines undergo rigorous quality testing and can maintain stable performance over long periods of intense use.
  • Comprehensive after-sales service: You can get timely solutions when you encounter problems during use, which ensures that you can use our chaff cutter in Kenya without any worries.
Chaff cutter in kenya
chaff cutter in Kenya

How to order one if in Kenya?

When you’re in Kenya, how to get Taizy chaff cutter. The following process guides you to purchase one:

  1. Contact us via WhatsApp/Email/Web online inquiry
  2. Arrange our sales manager to discuss machine details with you
  3. Determine machine type, sign a contract and pay the deposit
  4. Start machine production and pay the balance before shipment
  5. Deliver to your destination by sea(commonly) and get the machine to your factory

If you’re interested in silage cutting, contact us now for more details!

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