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chaff cutting machine-hay cutter machine

This chaff cutting machine is in the 9Z series and offers good performance, excellent quality and simple operation. Therefore, it is a good helper for farmers and can help livestock farmers to produce silage well. Silage is essential in livestock farming. And this forage cutting machine can carry out various dry and wet grasses, straw, rice straw, royal bamboo grass, etc. cut into small pieces. It can be used together with the silage baling and wrapping machine, baling silage can be better for longer storage time and save space.

Importance of Using Grass Chaff Cutting machine

Silage as animal feed, mixed with other feeds, can better promote animal digestion. It both supplements the nutrition needed by the animals and reduces the feed cost for the farmer. And buying the best chaff cutting machine allows farmers to produce their own silage and save even more money. From the farmer’s point of view, the feed needed by the animals on a daily basis can be produced independently, which is more convenient and faster.

grass crushing effect

Why Manufacture This Model Hay Cutter Machine?

As we all know, there are various types of guillotine models. The output also varies. This is because each person needs a different output depending on their actual needs. In order to meet the various output requirements of customers, various types of chaff cutting machine have come into being. For example, the 9Z-4.5A hay cutter machine has an output of 4,500 kg per hour, so customers with needs in this range can purchase this machine just as they wish.

Structure of Chaff Cutter

The structure is simple and therefore easy to operate. This one can be connected to the tractor, and there are mobile wheels, so it is easy to move. It also has an inlet, knife chamber, high spray outlet, gearbox, and pure copper core motor.

Structure of hay cutter machine
structure of hay cutter machine

Internal Blades

Internal blades
internal blades

Technical Parameters of Straw Chaff Cutting Machine

Structure TypeDisk Type
Power5.5kW motor or 12-15hp diesel engine
Weight 300kg
Overall Dimension1737*1575*2315mm
Packing Size630*1010*2315mm
Speed of Main Shaft800r/min
Rotor Diameter740mm
Blades Quantity4pcs
Blades ShapeArc
Speed of Feeding Roller 220r/min
Feeding Mode Automatic
Chopping Size11/22/34/44mm
Feeding Inlet Width220mm

Successful Case: Forage Cutter Machine Exported to Dubai

Our 4500kg/h chaff cutting machine was exported to Dubai because the Dubai customer wanted to use it for feeding camels. Combining with his farming scale, our sales manager Cindy, therefore, recommended this machine to him. In addition, she also sent relevant photos, videos and parameters of the machine to the customer in Dubai. The Dubai customer decided to buy it right away after seeing it. Therefore, the contract was signed very quickly. After receiving the machine, the Dubai customer was very satisfied and recommended us to his friends.

Chaff cutter machine-9z series
chaff cutter machine-9Z series
Case show
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