How Much does A Chaff Cutter Cost in Kenya?

chaff cutter cost in Kenya

Crop straw is the main by-product of agricultural production, these straws are also important organic resources, abandoned as a fee, burned as a hazard, and used as a treasure. Through the grass cutting machine, the waste straw will be processed into feed that livestock love to eat. It not only promotes the development of animal husbandry but also has an extremely important social significance. In Kenya, agriculture plays an important role in the national economy. Crop straw resources are abundant, so the chaff cutter machine was born. So, how much does a chaff cutter machine cost in Kenya?

What is Chaff Cutter Machine?

The chaff cutter is special machinery and equipment for cutting and kneading crop straw, forage, and other crop raw materials to make them into high-quality feed. Taizy company combines advanced technology processes at home and abroad, and produces a number of feed machinery products with high technology content and strong usability. Also, the machine passed ISO9001-2008, CE, and BV certifications.

Maize is the staple food in Kenya, after the harvest is left with straw, the grass hopping machine will come in handy. The machine is suitable for kneading and processing corn stalks, sorghum stalks, peanut seedlings, alfalfa, bean stalks, groundnut seedlings, and other crop stalks. The machine can be used to knead crop stalks for breeding horses, cattle, sheep, and so on. The 9Z series chaff cutter machine is a good choice for small, medium, and large farmers.

Chaff Cutter for Sale in Kenya

As a professional chaff cutting producer and provider, we have the best quality chaff cutter machine. Facing the Kenyan market, we offer a variety of chaff cutter machine types, with ten models for you to choose from. The chaff cutter cost also varies in Kenya. Its structure is very simple and easy to operate, and very friendly to users.

Chaff Cutter Price

Are you looking for a cost-effective machine in Kenya right now? And then, you should know good quality and suitable chaff cutter machine for you. You should make sure that you make a good decision.

In Kenya, the chaff cutter cost differs based on the machine configuration, machine capacity, machine functions, and others. You need to know what kind of configuration, capacity, and function you want. Or, you can just tell our sales manager, she will provide the perfect plan to meet your needs.

Technical Specifications of Chaff Cutter Machine

Structure TypeDisk TypeDisk TypeDisk TypeDisk TypeDisk Type
Diesel Engine8-12hp8-12hp12-15hp15-20hp25-50hp
Overall Dimension1050*1000*1470mm1480*1120*1735mm1737*1575*2315mm2147*1600*2756mm2630*2230*4230mm
Packing Size870*470*1000mm510*982*1050mm630*1010*2315mm755*1393*1585mm2630*1720*1850mm
Speed of Main Shaft1690r/min1290r/min800r/min650r/min500r/min
Rotor Diameter550mm615mm740mm1000mm1270mm
Blades Quantity6pcs3/4 pcs4pcs3/4pcs3pcs
Blades ShapeSectorSectorArcArcArc
Speed of Feeding Roller360r/min276r/min220r/min260r/min72r/min
Feeding ModeManualAutomaticAutomaticAutomaticArc
Chopping Size15/35mm10/35mm11/22/34/44mm12/18/25/35mm12/18/25/35mm
Feeding Inlet Width160mm170mm220mm265mm400mm

As you can see from the table above, all aspects of the machine are different. If you are interested, you can tell us the requirements, machine output, machine power, your budget, etc., and we will provide you with the best solution.

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