5 points to note when buying animal feed cutting machine

animal feed cutting machine

Purchasing an animal feed cutting machine is an important decision that farm owners must consider carefully. The choice of a grass cutting machine directly affects the efficiency of feed production on the farm. However, with a variety of makes and models of guillotines on the market, it is necessary to pay attention to some key points to ensure that the most suitable machine is selected. Based on our experience, here are 5 points for your reference:

Adaptability and power of the animal feed cutting machine

Choose the right chaff cutter machine for your farm’s needs, taking into account the size of the grass area, the type of forage and the growth of the crop. Make sure the machine has enough power to meet your work requirements. We have many animal feed grass cutting machine models at Taizy, with capacities from 400kg to 10,000kg per hour, so there’s one for you.

Quality and durability of the animal feed grass cutting machine

The animal feed cutting machine should be selected with quality materials and sturdy construction to ensure its long-term use and durability. Check the quality of the knives and body to ensure the hay cutting equipment can handle different working conditions. Taizy’s grass shredder machine blades are made of high-quality thickened manganese steel, which has a long service life. The structure is also made of high-quality materials so that the machine works well.

Safety and ease of operation

Focus on the safety features of the animal feed cutting machine, such as safety guards and tool stops. Make sure the machine is easy to operate and maintain to reduce potential operating risks. Our chaff cutter is equipped with protective covers. Maximum protection for the operator when the machine is working.

After-sales service and support

Choose a reliable supplier that offers complete after-sales service and technical support. Find out about their warranty policy, maintenance services and spare parts availability. Taizy, as a professional manufacturer and supplier of silage machines, provides after-sales service and a series of technical support to ensure you can use the machine smoothly.

Price and cost performance

While considering the budget, not only look at the price, but also consider the quality, performance and features of the machine. Compare different brands and models of animal feed cutting machines and choose the most cost-effective machine that best suits your needs. Compared with other companies’ guillotines, our machines are not only of good quality, but also at a good price, making them an unbeatable cost-effective machine.


In summary, purchasing an animal feed cutting machine requires careful consideration of several factors. It is wise to conduct thorough research, comparison and consultation before making a purchase. Only by purchasing a guillotine that suits your needs can you ensure smooth farm operations and efficient production. You can also contact us and tell us your needs, and our professional staff will provide you with the optimal solution according to your needs.

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