Kenyan farm utilizes Taizy small silage making machine to stockpile large quantities of silage

small silage making machine

In Kenya, many farmers choose to make and store large quantities of silage to ensure a steady supply of feed throughout the year. The use of efficient small silage making machine can significantly improve the efficiency of silage production and storage quality. Below is a case study of how a Kenyan farmer successfully realized a large amount of silage reserves by using a Taizy baler and wrapper.

Customer demand

This farmer needed a silage baling and wrapping machine capable of efficient baling and film sealing to meet the needs of a large-scale feedstock for year-round animal feeding. He was particularly interested in whether the machine could provide a good seal to ensure the nutritional value and taste of the silage, and to prevent oxidation and spoilage.

Corn silage bales
corn silage bales

At the same time, in order to maximize economic benefits, he also considers the price and running costs when choosing small silage making machine, hoping to find a machine that is both economical and practical, as well as having excellent performance.

Why choose Taizy small silage making machine?

After comparing several brands, the Kenyan farmer finally chose our silage baler machine. Here are the reasons why he chose Taizy:

Silage round baler machine manufacturer
silage round baler machine manufacturer

Efficient baling capacity

Taizy silage baler and wrapper has a strong baling capacity and can finish baling large quantities of silage in a short time to meet the farmer’s large-scale stockpiling needs.

High-quality sealing effect

Our small silage making machine adopts advanced film sealing technology, which can ensure that the feed is kept well sealed during the storage process, reducing the risk of oxidation and deterioration, and guaranteeing the quality of the feed.

Good machine price

Compared with similar products of other brands, our corn silage baler is more reasonably priced, while its durability and low running costs also make it cost-effective.

What’s the use effect of this small silage making machine?

Since the introduction of the our baler and wrapper, the Kenyan farmer’s silage stockpile has become much more efficient and smoother. The high performance and stability of the machine have enabled the farm to finish baling and storing large quantities of fodder in a short period, greatly saving labor and time costs.

Corn silage baler for sale
corn silage baler for sale

What’s more, thanks to the high-quality sealing effect provided by Taizy fully automatic silage baler, the farmer found that the storage quality of silage was significantly improved, and the nutritive value and taste of the feed were well maintained, which in turn improved the growth rate and health of the animals.

Case show
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