Small scale silage making machine for Georgia dealer resale

small scale silage making machine

In Georgia, there is an influential local agricultural equipment dealer, who owns his own company and has accumulated rich experience in the industry and a wide range of customer resources. He understands the market demand and is committed to providing customers with cost-effective agricultural machinery with excellent performance.

This dealer was looking for a small scale silage making machine that offered both value for money and performance. His primary concern was the reasonableness of the price of the machine as well as its actual performance in use.

He hoped to find a high quality corn silage baler that could not only meet the customer’s budget in terms of cost, but also ensure the efficient baling of silage, feed quality and storage effect.

Suitable small scale silage making machine from Taizy

Faced with such needs, we recommended our bale wrapping machine to this Georgian dealer. This equipment won the favour with its reasonable price positioning and excellent performance.

Our mini silage baler adopts advanced design and manufacturing process to ensure high efficiency, good sealing and low operation and maintenance cost, which fully meets the customer’s expectation of both cost-effectiveness and performance.

Taizy small scale silage making machine for sale
Taizy small scale silage making machine for sale

Cooperation results and feedback

After the successful introduction of our silage baler nad wrappers, the Georgian distributor’s customers showed great satisfaction with them. They praised the durability and ease of operation of the equipment, and said that the quality of the baled silage was excellent, which greatly improved the overall operational efficiency of the farm.

Also, Taizy’s small scale silage making machine helps this Gregorian dealer make profits in the agricultural sector. So, this dealer expressed that we could continue to cooperate in the future.

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