Silage Baler Machine for Corn Silage, Straw Silage

silage baler packing baling machine
silage baler packing baling machine

The silage baler machine is suitable for bundling and wrapping all kinds of straw, wheat straw, and pasture. It greatly reduces the storage area and reduces the possibility of fire. The straw baled by the silage baler and wrapper can be stored for more than three years. And the outer layer of film also plays a role in preserving the freshness of the straw, which greatly facilitates agriculture and animal husbandry.

The straw baler machine promotes and improves the efficiency of forage and straw baling to a certain extent, which saves time. Also, it improves the convenience of straw storage and transportation.
The emergence of the silage baling machine not only effectively controls the environment, but also greatly improves the economic benefits. Achieved the effect of both environmental protection and the economy. With its good working performance on straw crops such as bundling and wrapping, it is very popular among people.

Types of Silage Baler and Wrapper

Type One

Automatic silage packing machine

An automatic silage Baler machine can equip with a motor or a diesel engine. The wrapper is done directly in the baling room. The bundled shape is round.

Round silage baler

Composition and Operation of the Automatic Silage Packing Machine

The silage baler and wrapper machine are green storage equipment. It consists of two parts: bundling and wrapping. The fixed bin is fed manually. When the bales reach a certain density in the fixed bin and the movable bin. The inert roller above the movable bin and the signal wheel on the left will rotate evenly. At this time, the signal light above the machine will flash continuously to remind the operator to prohibit feeding. After that, the bundling and wrapping will be completed automatically.

Fully automatic silage packing machine

Type Two

Hydraulic Silage Baler Packing Machine

This straw baler machine can equip with a diesel engine and electric motor. The baler is controlled by a hydraulic press. The bundled shape is square.

Hydraulic silage baler packing baling machine 1
Square sliage baler

The silage baling machine can automatically wrap the silage that has been baled. This method is a more flexible and effective forage silage method. Because the user can set the number of coating layers of the silage required. So the silage packing machine ensures the balanced supply and year-round use of modern livestock silage for large, medium, and small dairy farms, beef cattle farms, and farmers. Seasons, sunlight, rainfall, and groundwater level cannot affect it. So it can stack in the open air for more than 2-3 years.

Why Do You Want to Bale and Wrap the Silage?

  1. The silage baler and wrapper machine increases the utilization rate of forage grass, good palatability. And it is easy to digest for livestock, but not easy to reverse. The baled silage is not easy to rot and deteriorate. After silage, it can not reduce the fresh and green feed, and it has aromatic acid. Silage can stimulate the appetite of livestock, and increases feed intake. Thus, it promotes the growth and development of pigs, cattle, and sheep. So silage is the new green feed for the growth and development of pigs, cattle, and sheep.
  2. In addition to a large amount of corn and sweet potatoes, there are also forage, vegetable leaves, and other agricultural and sideline products, such as sunflower heads and Jerusalem artichoke stalks. Besides, it can remove odors and toxins after silage.
  3. The seasonal forage grass and feed are perishable. However, there is a shortage of green feed in winter. So silage can be supplied continuously throughout the year after baling and packing. That will help increase the production capacity of cattle and sheep. And there is no waste and mildew loss. Compared with traditional silage loss, the baled silage can reduce forage juice loss and feeding loss.
  4. Silage is an economical method, which can increase the nutritional value per unit area and reduce nutritional waste. It does not pollute the environment and has a long shelf life. Also, it has a good compaction and sealing performance. Due to its good sealing performance, there is no leakage of juice.
  5. It can facilitate harvesting, transportation, and storage, which reduces labor intensity, and improves work efficiency.
  6. Through silage, it can kill eggs and pathogenic bacteria. And reduce the occurrence and spread of pests. 
  7. The stretch film-wrapped silage has good sealing properties. It improves the quality of the anaerobic fermentation environment of lactic acid bacteria. And it also improves the nutritional value of the feed. Silage has an aromatic smell, high crude protein content, low crude fiber content, high digestibility, high feed intake. So the livestock utilization rate can reach 100%.
Silage baler and wrapper

Where Silage Packing Machine for Sale?

Taizy Machinery is a large company. It specializes in research, development, and sales of agricultural machinery. The silage baler machine for sale in Taizy Machinery has been sold to many countries. In accordance with the needs of domestic and foreign markets, we have developed two types of automatic and semi-automatic. Of course, we can also customize the machine for you according to your needs. At present, the most demanded by customers is the corn silage packaging machine. Do you want to know the price of a silage packing machine? Please contact us.

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