A Silage Harvester and Recycling Machine Sold to Zimbabwe


This new type of silage harvester has a second crushing and the straw recycling device, upgraded on the previous one. It works with the tractor so that the machine can harvest the stalks in the fields according to the client’s needs. The machine design is reasonable and the quality is reliable. The machine is of simple driving, high efficiency, and strong adaptability. In addition, the equipment runs smoothly, has a long service life, a low maintenance cost, and a wide application range. Compared with the traditional manual, this machine saves time and effort, improves efficiency, and has one key automatic operation. In March this year, a customer from Zimbabwe bought a silage harvester and recycling machine from us.

Order Details of the Straw Harvester and Recycling Machine from the Zimbabwe Customer

The Zimbabwe customer bought the silage harvester because of his farm needs. He has a big scaled farm and after harvesting the crops, he wants to crush the stalks as the animal feed. After receiving his inquiry, our sales manager detailly asked about his demands(including the tractor horsepower, the harvesting width, a second crushing, etc). The sales manager sent the silage harvester and recycling machine parameters, photos, videos, configurations, and other information. After reading these, the Zimbabwe customer was very satisfied with this silage harvester, and then placed the order.

Spotlights of Silage Harvester (Zimbabwe Customer Bought) from Taizy Machinery

  1. Simple structure, convenient for later repair and maintenance. Quickly determine the problem areas to reduce post-maintenance costs.
  2. Quality and safety. The product is professionally designed, designed by professional engineers, and produced by large strength manufacturers.
  3. Strong applicability, a wide range of applications, can be applied to a variety of different scenes, truly achieving a multi-purpose machine.
  4. Timely after-sales service. Professional large entity manufacturers, professional after-sales fast and timely, to provide professional technical guidance, convenient and fast.

How does the Silage Harvester and Recycling Machine Work?

Specifications of the Silage Harvester

Harvesting Width1– 2.4 meter
Weight800-1400 KG
Dimension1.6*1.2*2.8 meter
Engine60-100 HP tractor

From the above table, we can know this machine has a very wide harvesting width. So, if you are interested and want to buy this kind of silage harvester, please tell us your harvesting width, tractor horsepower, machine demands, etc., and our sales manager will provide the most suitable solution to you.

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