1.5m silage harvester machine sold to Cambodia

silage harvester machine

Recently, a Cambodian farmer bought our silage harvester machine with 1.5m chopping width and big tyres. This customer is mainly engaged in agricultural business, with mango as the main crop. Because a large amount of straw is produced in the process of planting on the farms, traditional straw handling methods are inefficient, the customer was faced with the challenge of how to handle this straw efficiently and contacted us for a solution.

Solution to process many stalks

  • Efficient silage selection: To solve our customer’s stalks waste disposal problems, we recommended a silage harvester with a 1.5m cutting width and large tyres. This machine has excellent performance and can handle large quantities of straw quickly and efficiently.
  • Versatile straw handling: Our silage harvester machine is not only suitable for silage, but also has the flexibility to handle straw from a variety of crops. Its versatility allows customers to use it in a wide range of different agricultural activities, increasing the utilization of the machine.
  • Tyre design advantage: Considering that the terrain in Cambodia is mostly farmland and orchards, we have chosen machines with large tyres for him. This not only improves the adaptability of the silage harvester machine in different terrains, but also reduces the damage to the land, making it more suitable for agricultural production.
  • Lower labour costs: The introduction of forage harvester machine has not only improved the efficiency of straw handling, but has also significantly reduced the cost of manual handling. The efficiency of the machine allows farmers to focus more on other important agricultural tasks.

By providing an efficient and versatile silage harvester, we have successfully solved our customer’s straw waste disposal challenges and provided reliable support for his agricultural production. The customer is satisfied with the performance and effectiveness of the machine, which is part of our commitment to providing innovative solutions for customers seeking efficient agriculture.

Machine list for Cambodia

Silage harvester machineSilage Harvester Machine
1.5m with basket and tires

Engine :≥75HP tractor
Harvesting Width:1.5m
Size: 1500*2000*3500cm
Weight: 720kg
Capacity: 0.3-0.5hectare/h
Recycling rate:≥80%
Fling distance:3-5m
Working speed:2-4km/h
1 pc
machine list for Cambodia

How to transport silage harvester machine to Cambodia?

We cooperate with reputable logistics companies and use wooden crate packaging (steel frame packaging inside wooden crates) with full tracking service to ensure that the machine arrives in Cambodia safely and on time.

We regularly update the shipment information with the real-time location of the machine and the progress of the shipment to ensure that the customer receives the equipment within the desired time frame. This demonstrates our attention to our customers’ needs and ensures that the machine arrives safely and quickly during transport. We always pay attention to the needs of our customers and provide efficient and reliable transport services to provide them with the best machine-buying experience.

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