9Z-2.8A Silage Cutter

9Z-2.8A silage cutter

This silage cutter is to make the silage feed for cattle, horses, sheep, rabbits, etc. Because the hay cutting machine is to cut the raw materials into small pieces and then mix with other materials to feed animals. It has great functions in the silage area. The hay cutter not only saves time and labor but also provides super quality animal feed to benefit animals’ growth.

Our silage cutter machine gets high praises from the whole world, such as Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Alberta, South Africa, Kenya, etc. If you’re interested, welcome to contact us in time.

Video on Introduction to Corn Silage Chopper Machine

By watching the below video, you can have a good understanding of the machine’s strengths, properties, applications, factory strength, and others.

Reasonable Silage Cutter Parts

When designing this silage making chaff cutter, our technical officers fully consider the practical usage situation. The movable wheels are easy to move. Also, there is an oblique discharge port. The others are similar to 9Z-1.2.

Silage cutting machine structure
silage cutting machine structure

Technical Specifications

This silage cutting machine has a capacity of 2800kg per hour, suitable for medium farms. And the automatic feeding method helps farm owners save time and labor, doing other work. Especially the cutting grass length ranges from 7-15mm, which is adjustable. All in all, it’s an ideal machine to make silage as animal feed.

Motor speed2840r/min
Machine weight135kg(exclusive motor)
Cutting grass length7-35mm
Feeding methodAutomatic feeding
Baldes quantity6pcs

What Materials are Applicable to Silage Cutter for Sale?

This corn silage cutting machine has a wide range of applications, whether cutting grass or feeding animals.

For cutting grass, dry or wet both are applicable. Like, dry straw, dry branches, corn stalks, soybean stalks, weeds, sugar cane heads, sweet elephant grass, etc.

Applications-hay cutter
applications-hay cutter

For feeding animals, cattle, horses, sheep, rabbits, pigs, chickens, etc.

Why Choose Taizy as Top Priority?

Being a professional silage chaff cutter machine manufacturer and supplier, we have various types. From silage machine mini chaff cutter to small hay cutter, also the large capacity grass cutting machine, all are available. Of course, we have the professional strength to be the top choice when customers select machines. The advantages are shown below:

Our advantages
our advantages

Successful Case: Hay Chopping Machine Exported to Zimbabwe

The hay cutting equipment for sale is very popular in the silage markets. This Zimbabwe customer wanted an alfalfa cutting machine. But he didn’t want a 3 point hitch silage cutter and required 2800kg/h. So, our sales manager recommended this machine to him. What’s more, the sales manager sent the relevant videos and photos to show the machine’s working status. Finally, we got cooperation and started our business. We packed the machine into the wooden cases and shipped it to its destination.

Case show
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