Export 8 sets of silage balers to Uzbekistan

8 sets of silage balers

Good news! We have successfully sent 8 sets of silage balers to Uzbekistan. The client is working with the local government on a project to support local agriculture, the specific background is as follows:

  • A company in Uzbekistan, planning to buy 8 sets of baling and wrapping machines
  • Use railroad transportation when goods are delivered
  • Prepare a bilingual contract to import in the name of the government
  • Focus on prices and promotions

Our perfect solution for Uzbekistan

According to the customer’s demand, we recommend the 2024 newest silage baling and wrapping machine, which is fully automatic baling, wrapping and cutting, and it has PLC control screen, which can help our customer to use silage balers better.

In addition, because Uzbekistan is one of the five countries in Central Asia, it needs to be transported by railroad, and our factory is located in a convenient location for railroad transportation, which can be very good for the transportation of goods for our customers.

Silage round baler
silage round baler

As for the price, we also give the best price:

  • Firstly, because he buys 8 machines at one time, we give the best price;
  • Secondly, our silage balers are technologically upgraded in our factory in 2024, we can manufacture quantities at one time, so the production cost and the price of the machine are lowered;
  • Thirdly, we provide free spare parts for the customers to make sure that the machine runs smoothly.

Fast & safe delivery of silage balers for Uzbekistan

Because 8 sets of silage baler and wrappers are transported together, we are directly loading the machines into the container for transportation, as shown in the picture:

Contact us for more machine details!

Do you want silage making in cost-effective way? If your answer is yes, contact us now and we’ll provide the best silage baling solution for your uses.

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