What Affects Silage Baler Machine Price?

silage baler machine price

The silage baling and wrapping machine is suitable for corn straw, purple clover, sugar cane tail leaves, groundnut vine, reeds, bean seedlings, and sand wang silage. The silage baler machine can wrap the silage tightly, making it a good fermentation effect, and also increasing the nutrients and palatability of forage. So for livestock farmers, this machine is a good helper for them. Then, when buying the baler and wrapper machine, it is inevitable to consider the price. The following are a few factors that affect the silage baler machine price.

Machine Configuration

There is no doubt that the issue of machine configuration will certainly affect the silage baler machine price. In terms of automation, this machine has fully automatic and semi-automatic, the difference between them is the configuration of the air compressor. If equipped with an air compressor, the price is certainly not the same as not equipped with an air compressor. Then there is the power, the price of motor and diesel engine will also be different.

Motor Type silage baler machine
Silage bundling and wrapping machine
diesel engine type silage bundling and wrapping machine

Customer Budget

Each customer will have his own reserve fund when buying a machine. In order to meet their needs at the same time, the price of the silage baler machine should be within a reasonable range. As a professional silage manufacturer and supplier, we, with our professionalism, will certainly provide the best solution according to the customer’s budgetary needs.

Conversations with customers
Conversations with customers

Transportation Distance

Because we are a company that focuses on export trade, the shipping cost of export machines must also be considered. Generally, we will deliver machines by sea, and the freight cost is greatly influenced by the distance of transportation. So when customers buy machines, the shipping costs used by customers in different countries are different. Finally, the overall price of the machine will also be different. Our company is located in the central area of Henan Province, China, which is convenient by land, sea, and air. Also, our sales manager will surely provide the most economical solution according to your needs.

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