TS-55-52 Silage Baler Machine for Sale to the Philippines

silage baler and wrapper
silage baler and wrapper

This silage baler machine for sale is highly efficient, with a good finished product and a good brand name. For this reason, it is often exported abroad, for example to Pakistan, Kenya, Indonesia, Malaysia, Jordan, etc. If you are interested in this silage baler and wrapper machine, please contact us at any time!

Why did this Philippine customer buy this silage baler machine for sale?

This Filipino customer has his own livestock farm and wants to make his own silage. And since he has his own feed, he needs a silage baler machine to bale and wrap the feed so that it can be stored for a longer period of time. So he started looking for a machine on the internet and it just so happened that we had this machine that met his needs, so he contacted us!

Silage baler and wrapper
silage baler and wrapper

Anna, our sales manager, contacted him. Based on his needs, Anna presented him with information about the relevant machines. In addition to this, further information revealed that the Filipino customer wanted a fully automatic baling and wrapping machine, so Anna explained in detail the configuration of the 50-model fully automatic machine. The Filipino customer was so satisfied that he ordered one.

What can be collated with the silage baler machine for sale?

In Taizy, the machines are very comprehensive and can therefore be matched in a variety of ways to suit the customer’s needs. For the silage baling and wrapping machine, there are air compressors, trolleys, ropes, film, nets, accessories, etc. When buying the silage baler machine, you can contact us directly if you have any needs!

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