Malaysia customer feedback: corn silage harvester shows excellent performance

corn silage harvester for grass chopping

Recently, we received a feedback video from a Malaysian farmer on the use of the corn silage harvester. The farmer operates a large-scale farm in the area and is committed to realizing an efficient and environmentally friendly way of agricultural waste treatment.

After learning about our tractor-driven forage harvester, he decided to introduce the equipment to improve the efficiency of farm operations and resource recycling rate.

Straw crushing and recycling machine performance

According to the feedback video, our corn silage harvester machine performs well in the actual operation. It can quickly and effectively crush the waste straw in the farmland into appropriate size, and then be directly used to make organic fertilizer or biomass fuel, greatly reducing the environmental pressure caused by the accumulation of straw, and at the same time creating additional economic value for the farm.

Silage harvester machine
silage harvester machine

Highly evaluated and satisfactory feedback on corn silage harvester

Our Malaysian customers have given a very high evaluation to our straw harvester and recycling machine. They said that the equipment runs stably and reliably, which not only improves the efficiency of straw processing, but also significantly reduces the labor cost.

In addition, the equipment is easy to operate and maintain, and meets the needs of sustainable development of silage farms, which is the main reason why they chose us among many similar products.

silage harvester feedback from Malaysia
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