9ZR-4.8T hay cutting machine sold to Libya

hay cutting machine

Good news to Taizy! One client from Libya ordered one hay cutting machine with a capacity of 4800kg/h for his own use. Our silage chopper machine has the advantages of great performance, easy operation and good quality. Let’s get to know the successful case together!

Points that the Libyan client cares about the chaff cutter and crusher machine

The Libyan customer has questions about the difference between 4-ton and 4.8-ton chaff cutter and crusher machine models. The main difference between these two models is the working capacity and processing capability. The 4-ton model is suitable for small farms or customers with less demand, while the 4.8-ton model is more suitable for medium to large farms or customers with larger demand.

We explained these to him and suggested he could choose the right model according to his specific needs and budget.

Why did Libyan customer choose our hay cutting machine?

The grass cutting machine offered by our company is known for its high-quality performance and reliability, thus attracting the attention of our customers. Manufactured with advanced technology, our products feature efficient cutting and kneading functions that help Libyan customer improve his agricultural production efficiency.

Reference to the hay cutting machine PI for Libya

Hay cutting machine pi
hay cutting machine PI
Case show
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