Hay Cutter and Baler

hay cutter and baler

Hay cutter and baler is upgraded equipment, adding the cutting function based on the original function of the hay baler machine. This machine is driven by POT, 3-linkage suspension with the 4-wheel tractor. Besides, it can be used in the harvested or non harvested fields to carry out the cutting and baling work. Of course, it’s suitable for crushing and baling the stalks, like corn stalks, straw, wheat, etc. The hay cutting and baling machine is working in the fields, but the field conditions vary greatly. So, the adjustment of the machine must be carried out at any time according to the actual operating conditions in the field. Welcome to us for more details!

Working Principle of Straw Cutter and Baler

Hay Cutter and Baler for Sale

The classification method is similar to that of the hay baler, which is on the basis of the shape of the finished product. So, two types are available.

Type One: Round Hay Crusher and Baler

This kind of straw crushing and baling machine functions to crush, pick and bale the stalks into round shapes. For the round hay cutter and baler, the material to be baled can be yarn and plastic net. It’s fully automatic round hay cutting and baling machine for sale. Looking forward to your inquiries!

Round cutter and baler
round cutter and baler
Round cutter and baler
round cutter and baler

Structure of Hay Cutting and Baling Machine

The hay bale cutting equipment has POT-driven power, supplying its running. Also, the hydraulic cylinder is the working shop. In this chamber, it completes the bundling process. The fender is to prevent soil from entering the workshop.

Structure of round hay cutter and baler
structure of round hay cutter and baler
Overall size of round straw crusher and baler
overall size

Parameters of Round Straw Crushing and Baling Machine

Bundled size80cm*100cm100cm*125cm
Harvested width1.3m1.8m
Net size2000m*105cm3000m*125cm
Tractor equippedMore than 70hpMore than 90hp

Type Two: Square Hay Cutter and Baler

The square cutting and baling equipment is hay cutter and baler in one, automatically completing the crushing, picking, and packing. The bundling material is only yarn. The finished product is the square shapes. It’s applicable to various kinds of stalks.

Square cutter and baler
square cutter and baler

Structure Details of Square Hay Cutting and Baling Equipment

Details-square baler
details-square baler
Knotter from german
knotter from German

Parameters of Square Cutter and Baler

Harvested width2.0m
Tractor equippedMore than 75hp
Production efficiency3t/h
Overall size4150*2850*1800mm

Usage and Applications

It’s mainly used for harvesting and bundling various stalks in the field, for example, forage grass, rice, wheat, and corn stalks, and other crop stalks. It can automatically pick up the grass laid in the field, and bundle the loose forage grass into a neat and regular bale. The operation procedure is conveying and feeding, compression forming, knotting and bundling.

This straw compactor and crusher machine is working with the matched tractor, suitable for all kinds of natural grassland, planted grassland, and farmland operations.

Working scenes
working scenes

Consumable Parts

  1. Cutter
  2. Spring tooth
  3. Yarn and plastic net

Differences of Hay Cutter and Baler VS Hay Baler

In Taizy Company, we have both machines. But there are some differences in aspects.

Details are as below:

  1. Function. The hay crusher and baler has function of crushing, picking and baling, while the hay baling machine only has picking and baling.
  2. Stalk conditions. The straw crushing and baling equipment can work in the harvested or non harvested fields. But the hay baler is for the harvested fields.
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