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hay baler-round baler and square baler

Hay baler, as the name implies, is a convenient machine that is to pick hays and straws and pack them into round or square shapes. It’s suitable for hay, straw, corn stalks, etc. Packed items can be used as feed for animals usage. This straw baler should work with the tractor, equipped with the matched horsepower. It’s driven by the POT, 3-linkage suspension with the 4-wheel tractor. This hay baling machine is of simple structure, easy operation, and stable performance. If you are running a farm to feed cows or sheep or other animals, this machine will solve your problem which is the lack of grass for animals in the winter. Are you interested in it? Please get in touch with us for more details!

Hay Baler Machine for Sale

According to the different packed shapes, in Taizy Company, we classify the straw baler machine into two types. Of course, the hay baler price differs.

Type One: Round Baler for Sale

This hay baler machine can pick and pack hay into round types. The yarn and plastic net can be used for bundling. Based on the packed stalks, it has one model, 70*100cm(70 refers to the diameter, 100 refers to the length).

Structure of Round Baler

The structure is very simple, consisting of the baling room, spring tooth, outlet, etc. In the baling room, install the rope or net to bale the stalks. The spring tooth is mainly to pick up the straw. The outlet is controlled by the switch, achieving automation.

Structure of round baler
structure of round baler

Parameters of Round Baling Machine

Power of tractorMore than 40hp
Overall Dimension1.63*1.37*1.43m
Baler SizeΦ800*1000mm
Baler weight40-50kg

Working Progress of Round Hay Baler

  1. Start the tractor, and work begins.
  2. The round baler machine picks the stalks through the spring teeth, until the baling room is full of the stalks.
  3. And then the clock alarms, the tractor stops.
  4. The baler machine starts baling the stalks in the baling chamber, the rope outside will move along with the baling.
  5. The rope outside stops moving, the driver push the switch to open the baling chamber door.
  6. The round baled stalks will be pushed out. And continue the first step again.

Type Two: Square Baler for Sale

Compared to type one, this square baler is to pick and wrap the stalks into square shapes. The Middle East prefers this square type. But you should attention that this machine only can use yarn. It’s fully automatic and has higher working efficiency. This machine has two models: 2m and 2.2m(harvest width).  

Square baler
square baler

Structure of Square Hay Baler

It is composed of a baling room, spring tooth, and outlet.

Structure of square baler
structure of square baler

Working Principle of Square Baler 

  1. Start the tractor and work begins.
  2. The machine is picking and baling stalks simultaneously, and the tractor doesn’t stop.
  3. After completing the stalks packing, the baled stalks will automatically come out without stopping. And then the work continues.

Features of Straw Baler Machine

  • The machine has simple structure, low failure rate, reliable work, easy operation, small bundle shape and easy handling.
  • Because it is a suspension method, it is suitable for use with tractors with medium and large horsepower.
  • Good flexibility, especially in small areas.
  • Wide range of applications. Such as corn stalks, soybean stalks, rice straw, hay, etc.
  • High bundle rate, no accumulation or entanglement.

Various Applications of Hay Baling Equipment

The hay baler has a wide range of applications, suitable for all cereal stalks. For example, straw, hay, corn stalks, soybean stalks, rice stalks, wheat stalks, and alfalfa stalks, etc. It’s worth purchasing this machine if you’re involved in animal husbandry. Welcome to contact us and we’ll get back to you very soon!

Applications- hay baler
applications- hay baler

Differences between Hay Baler and Silage Baler


The hay baler is mostly used in the harvested fields, while the silage baler, whatever 50-type silage baler or 70-type silage baling machine, is usually working in the flat ground, without any stalks.


The straw baler machine is driven by POT, 3-linkage suspension with the 4-wheel tractor. But the silage baler and wrapper is powered by the diesel engine or electric motor, no tractor.

Finished products

The hay baling machine is only picking and bundling the stalks, very simply. The silage baling and wrapping machine is to bundle and wrap the stalks, film covering.

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