Customized procurement of mini silage baler for Kenyan customer

mini silage baler
mini silage baler

In working with our Kenyan customer, we fully understood the uniqueness and specific needs of their farm operating environment. According to the information provided by the customer and the results of field investigation, our engineering team customized a mini silage baler for them.

This silage making equipment not only meets the durability requirements of the local climate conditions in Kenya, but also optimizes the design for the specific operation process of the customer’s farm, ensuring the efficient and stable operation of the equipment.

Reasonable price strategy and value-added services

Considering the customer’s demand for cost reduction, we showed great sincerity and flexibility in the price negotiation stage.

In order to further reduce the customer’s later operation and maintenance costs, we decided to maintain price competitiveness at the same time, an additional batch of wearing parts of the mini silage baler to the customer, in case of emergency.

This initiative not only won the recognition of the customer, but also for both sides to establish a long-term partnership laid the foundation.

Whole one-stop service for mini silage baler

Because of the many complex aspects of international trade, we are committed to providing one-stop services, including but not limited to export customs clearance, international transport and customs clearance of imports into Kenya and other matters.

Through our professional logistics team and rich experience in international trade, we successfully helped the customer to complete the “double clearing” work, which ensured that the baling and wrapping machine could be delivered and put into use on the farm smoothly and quickly, and saved a lot of time and energy for the customer.

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