Understand 5 points when buying a small round baler


It is recommended to carry out a quick research on the product and distributors before buying a small round baler. Do you want to know what to investigate? Artículo de Ce de Please read. Chinese silage presses are famous all over the world for their perfect performance. So, before you buy a Chinese silage baler, here are the top five factors to consider.

1. Forage tipo

Why buy a small round baler? Because it is necessary to feed cattle and sheep with nutrient-rich feed. And silage can meet this demand. If the fodder is dry, check if the machine is able to regroup and form. If your fodder is wet, you need to check if the machine can carry heavy and wet food without slipping. What machine do you use when using two types of fodder at the same time. Our small round baler can solve your problem. You can use TZ-55-52 to process various foods, such as silage, TMR, rice and straw. This makes it the most competitive silage grouping machine on the market.

Dry fodder
Dry Fodder
Wet fodder
Wet Fodder

2. Packaging quality of the mini silage packaging machine

If the silage is not packed, it will rot quickly, so there is no need to buy a self-propelled round baler. In fact, the silage packing machine should be able to store the harvested food for a longer period of time without deterioration. Therefore, you need to check the packaging unit of the baler to ensure a longer service life. Our mini silage and turning machine consists of two parts, the package part and the packaging part. Coated fodder grass protects the feed from ultraviolet rays. This way, you can store the fodder outside without spoiling it.

Mini silage bale
Mini Silage Bale

3. Daily capacity of the self-propelled round baler

Before buying a self-propelled round baler,check the daily capacity of the machine. Depending on your needs, you can choose a higher or lower capacity. Indeed, our mini silage packaging machine is a small baler, with a weight of 50-200 kg per bale and an efficiency of 2-10 tons per hour. By using this small machine, more balls can be obtained. You can choose different models according to your own needs.

4. Ball size of the small round baler

Packet size is the main storage factor. The size of the package should be the smallest and the weight should be the largest. This way, you can store the balls themselves in a smaller area. Taizy Mini Enlage Baler can produce small bales of weight (60-80 kg) and 500 mm x 500 mm (diameter x height) and large bales of 150-200 kg and 700 x 700 mm.

Small round baler
Small Round Baler

5. Servicio a la clientela

The last point is that you need to check if the distributor can provide customer service. In the event of a breakdown, you should be able to obtain spare parts and repair services required to restore the flawless operation of the silage bundling machine.

Taizy is a new company that focuses on supplying high quality silage balers and silage grouping machines in China. We were founded in 2010 by the agricultural researcher in a country where most people are engaged in agriculture, and we aim to revolutionize the industry through our indigenous methods.

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