Chaff Cutter and Grain Grinder

chaff cutter and grain grinder

Chaff cutter and grain grinder is multifunctional equipment integrating grass cutting and crushing, grain grinding. It’s suitable for not only dry and wet grass, stalks, straws, also grains. This chaff cutter is a great helper for the farmers. The machine cuts and crushes the grass as fodder, in order to store and help animals go through the winter. Besides, this machine can be for grain grinding, also as animal feed. So, this machine is multifunctional. Also, it can be powered by a diesel engine or electric motor. You can choose based on your actual situation. Welcome to contact us for more details!

Structure Design of Chaff Cutter Machine for Sale

Being a professional chaff cutter and grain grinder manufacturer and supplier, the chaff cutter design is very humane. Inlets are respectively for grass and grains and the finished products come out from the cyclone.

structure of combined grass grain crusher

Working Video of Combined Grass Grain Crusher

Wide Applications of Straw Cutter and Grain Crusher

This machine is widely applied to dry and wet grass, straws, stalks, etc. Such as corn stalk, wheat straw, sweet potato rattan, etc. Grains, like corn, wheat, etc. And corncob, peanut shells are also ground by this grain grinder.

Scope of applications-9z-1. 2 chaff cutter
scope of applications

Generally speaking, it’s a good helper in animal husbandry. Usually used for feeding cattle, sheep, duck, chicken, pig, rabbit, etc.

applicable animals

Features of Combined Grass Cutter and Grain Grinder

  • Multiple functions. Because this machine can cut and crush grass, straws, stalks, but also grinding grains, like corn, wheat.
  • Wide applications. Dry and wet grass, straws, etc. Moreover, grains like corns.
  • Optional power system. For this chaff cutter and grinder, the diesel engine and electric motor are available.
  • Three kinds of cutting blade are equipped. They are respectively cutter, crusher, and hammer.
  • Adjustable grass length and grain size. On the chaff cutter and grain grinder machine, there is a handle to adjust the grass cutting length. In the machine, the sieves directly influence the grain size.
  • High efficiency, low noise, time saving.

Wearing Parts (Chaff Cutter Blade)

Cutter, crusher, and hammer.

When you purchase the chaff cutter and grain grinder from us, as a professional manufacturer and supplier, we can recommend the most suitable solutions to you according to your requirements.

Cutter, crusher, hammer
cutter, crusher, hammer

Parameters of Chaff Cutter and Grinder

We classify the combined chaff cutter and grain grinder based on the capacity. Although the blade quantity is the same, the blade length is different. Thus, the capacity differs.

ModelPowerCapacityBlade lengthBlade quantityOverall size
9ZRF-3.8two-phase 4.5kW, three-phase 3kW3800kg/h220*70*6mm51700*1200*1500mm
9ZRF-4.8two-phase 4.5kW, three-phase 3kW4000kg/h280*70*6mm51950*1200*1800mm


Q: Are you a factory or a company?

A: We’re integrating manufacturing and supplying various chaff cutters and grinders. Also, we can provide customization services to satisfy your demands. So, our price is competitive among the markets.

Q: If we don’t have experience, can we operate it well?

A: Of course, you can. We’ll provide the video support and manual along with the chaff cutter and crusher machines. Also, we can offer help online.

Q: How about the warranty?

A: Commonly, the machine has a one-year warranty period.

Q: Do you provide the after-sales service?

A: Yes, our professional after-sales service is always online to solve your problems.

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