Automation of Taizy corn silage packing machine

corn silage packing machine
corn silage packing machine

The corn silage packing machine is an important piece of machinery and equipment used in agricultural production, which is used to bale crops into fixed sizes and shapes for easy storage and transportation. With the development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of automation technology, the automation degree of the silage baling machine is also gradually improving, which brings great convenience and benefits to agricultural production.

Automatic control system for the corn silage packing machine

Plc control panel

Taizy silage baling and wrapping machine is equipped with advanced automatic control systems that can adjust the working parameters of the baling and wrapping machine to ensure the stability and quality of each bundle result.

On the panel, you can clearly see the button function and can easily adjust what you need.

Automatic loading and opening systems

The corn silage packing machine also has a conveyor for automatic loading that automatically transport the silage to the baling area to start working. By installing automatic loading devices and conveyor belts, automatic loading and conveying of forage can be achieved, reducing the waste of manpower and material resources.

When the silage is bundled, it’s time to open the silo the start the wrap. Semi-automatic and fully automatic opening methods are available for your choice, depending on the air compressor. If you want more, please contact us for more machine details!

Wrapping system of Taizy corn silage packing machine

Modern equipment has an automated wrapping system that can automate production through robotic arms and sensors, greatly improving production efficiency and reducing manual operations.

After finishing wrapping, when cutting off the wrapping film, there are two ways: one is that one person cuts, and another is that the machine cuts automatically. All these depend on your needs.

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