Analysis of the principle characteristics of straw baler

round straw baler

The straw baler can break and retrieve the straw exposed on the ground, and this straw is crushed and collected before being sent to the recycling point, after which it is made into feed and prepared for the reuse of straw resources.

In this way, it can solve the problem of how the farmers deal with the straw, but also helps the reuse of straw and environmental protection. Straw, in addition to recycling, can also be directly crushed in the ground, as waste utilization.

The principle of Taizy straw baler

When baling, it automatically draws the rope, automatically picks up the straw, automatically bales, automatically cuts the rope, and can change the rope circle and bale density when baling by adjusting the size of the slot wheel, so that the bale is not scattered and messy.

Hay baler
hay baler

The formed bale is small and compact, and the bale is loose inside and tight outside, with good air permeability, which is convenient for transportation and storage.

Functions of the hay straw baling machine

The promotion of the hay baler machine has played a great role in solving straw recycling, improving the environmental pollution caused by burning straw in rural areas, and improving the quality of straw.

Convenient loading and unloading transport can make full use of the transport capacity, generally can improve the transport capacity by 2-3 times, can save labor and transport costs of more than 50%, solve the transport process due to ultra-high, ultra-wide-band to the unsafe factors.

Advantages of using the straw baler machine

  1. Good quality of silage.
  2. No pollution to the environment.
  3. No waste mold loss, fluid loss, and feeding loss are greatly reduced.
  4. Long preservation period.
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