55-75 Bales/h Corn Silage Baler Delivered to Indonesia

corn silage baler with feed mixer
corn silage baler with feed mixer

Breaking news! An Indonesian customer ordered a Model-70 corn silage baler from us, along with a mixer, plastic net, and film. This automatic baling and wrapping machine from Taizy is a perfect machine for baling silage and then storing it, with features of high efficiency, good performance, and super quality.

Basic information about the Indonesian customer

This customer has his own silage plant and sells silage locally. Therefore, now he wants to buy a very efficient corn silage baler machine to carry out his silage business.

Silage bales
silage bales

Reasons to buy the corn silage baler & feed mixer

  1. This Indonesian customer had a normal business need. Because he is in this silage selling business himself, he wants to buy the relevant silage baler to make a profit.
  2. To improve efficiency. If only buying a 70-type baling and wrapping machine, but the feeding is done manually. And this 70-type silage baler machine can bale 55-75 bales per hour, which is labor intensive. But with the feeder machine, this match can greatly improve efficiency and save labor.
Corn silage baler with feed mixer
corn silage baler with feed mixer

Machine parameters for the Indonesian client

Silage balerSilage Baler( big model)
Power: 11kw+0.55kw+0.75kw+3kw+0.37kw electric motor
Bale size: Φ70*70cm
Bale weight: 150-200kg/bale
Capacity: 55-75bales/h
Air compressor volume: 0.36m³
Feeding conveyor(W*L): 700*2100mm
Filming cutting: Automatic
Wrapping efficiency:6 layers need 22s

Remark: this corn silage baler is including the air compressor.
1 set
Feeder machineFeeder Machine
Power:3kw electric motor
Inside Volume:5m³
Size(L*W*H): 3100*1440*1740mm
1 set
Plastic netPlastic Net
Width: 70cm
Thickness: 25um
Total Length: 1500m
Material: LDP
1 pc
Width: 33cm
Thickness: 25um
Total Length: 1800m
Packing: 1 roll/carton
Material: LDP
5 pcs
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