10t/h Chaff Cutter Machine for Dairy Farm to Indonesia

large chaff cutter machine for dairy farm

In a dairy farm, cow feed is a constant concern for farmers. At this time, it is necessary to consider preparing enough feed for raising dairy cows. The main function of the chaff cutter machine is to produce silage for herbivorous animals. Cows are also herbivores, so the silage chopper machine can solve the problem of their feed. In March this year, we exported a 10t/h chaff cutter machine for dairy farm to our Indonesian client.

Why Recommend Indonesian Customers to Buy a 10t/h Shredding Machine?

Through communication with the Indonesian customer, our sales manager, Coco, learned that he has a large-scale dairy farm. In addition to this, he was going to buy a large batch of corn stalks to make silage. So, he wanted to buy a chaff cutter for his dairy farm to reach his goals.

So, Coco recommended a 10t/h chaff cutter machine for his dairy farm. And she sent relevant working videos, photos to the Indonesian customer, as well as videos & photos of our previous successful shipments to Indonesia. After understanding, the Indonesian customer finally reached cooperation with us. In addition, he said if our machine was good, another silage baler machine was required.

At the end of March, the Indonesian customer received the machine and was very satisfied. So, in early April, he ordered another baler wrapping machine.

Large chaff cutter machine for dairy farm
large chaff cutter machine for dairy farm

Advantages of Farm use Chaff Cutter Machine

  1. Large output, suitable for medium and large farms.
  2. Wide range, not only corn stalks but also wet and dry grass, straws, hay, etc.
  3. Humanized design, very user-friendly.

Necessity of Chaff Cutter Machine for Dairy Farm

According to Indonesia Daily News, milk is one of the food needs of residents, because milk is quite comprehensive in nutrients and suitable for human consumption. In Indonesia, the most commonly consumed dairy product is milk. Milk production originates from cows. Therefore, the profitability of dairy cows is still very large. Of course, animal feed is also important. Purchasing a silage chopping machine is worth investing in for the dairy farmer.

Dairy farm
dairy farm

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