Silage process of the corn silage baler machine

corn silage baler machine

Utility model automatic corn silage baler machine is to provide a high degree of automation, save manpower, can reduce the cost of straw silage processing, and improve processing efficiency. This silage packing machine can be used alone or together with the chaff cutter machine.

The process to bale silage by the corn silage baler machine

The corn silage baler machine is integrated with the baling and wrapping, which can bale and wrap the kneaded corn stalks and forage type reliably; the bale density is large, and with the package silage wrapping machine, the preservation time is long after wrapping.

Silage making machine for sale
silage making machine for sale

Technical methods: chaff cutter machine – silage baling and wrapping machine

First, crush the stalks, grass, etc into small pieces for the preparation for the bundling and wrapping of the silage. Put the machine in the proper location, and the pieces automatically drop on the conveyor belt of the corn silage baler machine and directly come to the bundling chamber. After finishing baling, the wrapping machine starts to wrap the silage using the film.

Advantages of Taizy corn silage baler machine for sale

This machine adopts thickened wall plate, thickened aluminum stick and core shaft, an external fixed-bearing seat, and a new type of picker structure. The whole machine has good rigidity and long service life of the main machine. In addition, the machine is convenient and quick to maintain, the rope tension is small, and the efficiency of winding rope bundling is high; it is convenient and quick to clean up the silt at the bottom, without stopping the operation, and the machine can be protected in time.

Silage baler manufacturer
silage baler manufacturer

Conclusion of Taizy silage machine

The silage baling machine is one of the high-quality products produced by our factory. It is a new type of straw collection and baling equipment, the machine can automatically complete the following: green storage straw, wheat straw, corn straw, rice straw, alfalfa grass, natural pasture grass, soybean straw, and rape straw. With wrapping, it’s a great silage making machine.

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