Corn Stalks Are Harvested, Baled, and Wrapped

Corn stalks are harvested, baled, and wrapped

The use of corn stalks baler machine prevents farmers from environmental pollution caused by straw burning. At the same time, it increases farmers’ income. By using the corn stalk baler and wrapper machine, you can recycle the crop stalks fully. It can create a new type of usable energy and obtain certain additional benefits. It can also effectively improve the environmental pollution caused by the burning of crop straw.

Corn Stalk Harvester Solves the Environmental Pollution Problem Caused by Burning Straw

The burning of straw will cause severe smog, and produce a large amount of toxic and harmful gases. It endangers human health and easily causes fires. The large amount of smoke produced in a short period of time affects the line of sight and causes traffic accidents.

In particular, the burning of straw destroys the balance and physical properties of the land biological system. And increases soil compaction, also affects farmers’ planting. The corn stalk harvester solves the above problems. The machine can harvest rice stalk, wheat stalk, corn stalk, and other stalks.

The corn stalk harvester can harvest wet corn stalks or dry corn stalks. The harvested corn stalks can be used as fodder to feed cattle and sheep and other livestock. It can also be used as biomass fuel, so improves the resource conversion rate.

Straw burning
Straw burning

Baling Corn Stalks to Solve the Problem of Difficult Storage

The corn stalk bundling machine can solve the transportation and storage problems of straw bales for farmers, herders, and professional households. The corn stalk baler machine can bale crushed corn stalks, rice stalk, corn stalk, and peanut seedlings into shape.

Corn silage is mainly used as feed for ruminants such as cattle and sheep. It can be used as a reserve feed-in pastoral areas and also solves forage storage and transportation issues.

The machine is mainly composed of a conveyor belt, grassing roller, sprocket drive mechanism, rope box, rope guide rod, early warning device, hydraulic control mechanism, and other components. The rope is automatically guided, baled, and cut automatically when baling. And the rope loop and the density of the bale can be changed by adjusting the size of the grooved wheel so that the bale is not scattered and messy.

Corn stalk bale
corn stalk bale

Wrap the Corn Stalk to Solve the Problem of Nutrient Loss of Silage

After wrapping the corn stalks with a corn stalk baler and wrapper, the corn silage bale can preserve the nutrients in the stalks without loss. The corn stalks in the maturity stage or legumes in the early flowering stage contain a lot of nutrients. Once the stalks are dry, most of the nutrients will be lost. Silage uses microbial technology to preserve these nutrients. 

After wrapping the corn stalks, you can save the cost of animal feed in winter. Animals such as cattle and sheep need a lot of nutrition and energy to resist the cold weather in winter. The feed source for fattening cattle and sheep in winter is relatively single, and the corn silage can solve this big problem.

Microorganisms are beneficial to the growth of animals. The microbial flora added during the silage process, which can not only help preserve the feed but also adjust the balance of microorganisms in the animal body. It improves nutrient conversion and promotes growth.

Corn straw baler and wrapper
corn straw baler and wrapper
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