9ZR-2.5 chaff cutter machine for sale to Burkina Faso

chaff cutter machine for sale

Good news! In July 2023, one client from Burkina Faso bought a 9ZR-2.5T chaff cutter machine for sale. Taizy chaff cutter and crusher has been exported to many countries, such as Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, etc. Our grass cutting machine also receives high praises in the world and is popular among silage industry.

Why buy the chaff cutter machine for Burkina Faso?

In Burkina Faso, where agriculture is the backbone of the country’s economy, there is a growing demand among farmers for efficient farm equipment.

This customer from Burkina Faso was looking to cut silage and chose to buy Taizy’s high-quality and efficient guillotine kneader after learning that it can improve the efficiency of grass processing.

Reasons to choose Taizy chaff cutter machine for sale

The advantages of the silage chopper lie in its efficient grass cutting ability and convenient operation. During use, the chaff cutter machine cuts the grass and collects it quickly, saving a lot of labor and time costs. This means more efficient grass processing for farmers in Burkina Faso, improving the productivity of farming and animal husbandry.

Chaff cutter machine parameters

Notes: The agreement was to make full payment, using the TT payment method, and the delivery period was 15 days, at which time the machine was delivered directly to this customer’s agent in Guangzhou.

Case show
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