Chaff Cutter Machine Exported to Somalia

chaff cutter machine

This animal feed chaff cutter is mainly used for cutting silage for animals. The whole process is very easy to operate, and the efficiency is very high. It is very suitable for farm owners. Besides, it can be used together with flat die pellet mill, 9FQ, and other machines, which can not only meet your needs but also save your money. In March this year, we exported a series of chaff cutter and relevant machine to Somalia.

Order Details of Somalia Customer

In February of this year, we received an inquiry from a Somali customer. He saw our website on Google and came forward to contact us. He was using it for feeding sheep. After understanding his needs, Coco, our sales manager, gave professional advice. Because he wanted to end up feeding pelleted feed and his ingredients were various grasses and grains, Coco recommended a chaff cutter machine, 9FQ milling machine, mixer, and feed pellet mill to the Somalia customer. This formed a production line suitable for the Somali customer. Coco also sent him the relevant parameters, various videos, photos, etc.

After browsing this information, the Somali customer suggested that he had a warehouse in Yiwu and needed to deliver to Yiwu. We are located in the Central Plains with developed transportation, so we can arrange delivery to Yiwu.

Why Recommend A Simple Line for Somali Client?

This is based on the customer’s needs. Because the Somali customer’s raw material has grass and grain, in fact, the chaff cutter and grain crusher machine can meet his needs. But he had wanted a cheaper machine, so Coco recommended him the guillotine and 9FQ grinder.
The Somali customer wanted the end product to be pellets and wanted to mix the material before, so Coco recommended the mixer and the flat die pellet mill.

Why Choose Machines from Taizy Company?

  1. Various kinds of machines. As a professional silage company, we have many kinds of silage chopper machines. Just like this Somali customer, he needs grass crushing, grain grinding, and pellet making, and he can get it all at once in our company.
  2. Good price. We are an industry and trade company, so our machine prices are relatively cheap.
  3. Professional staff. Our sales staff are very knowledgeable about our products and can quickly provide you with the best solutions according to your needs.
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Taizy factory
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