Square Straw Baler Helps Straw Recycling and Reuse

square straw baler

Straw is the main by-product of crops. It is a precious biological renewable resource. It can be used as fuel, feed, fertilizer, industrial raw material, etc. The square straw baler can help complete the work of straw recycling.

The function of square straw baler

The pick-up square straw baler is composed of a straw recycling and bundling device. You can use it to bundle the straw of pasture, corn, cotton, soybean, sorghum, wheat, rice, soybean, and other crops. It is used in conjunction with a tractor. Tie loose straw into a neat and regular rectangular bale. You can directly use the baled straw as feed or fuel.

Application and advantages of square straw baler

The square straw bundling machine is the indispensable and optimal equipment for animal husbandry, paper industry, and prefabricated building materials. It is suitable for operations on farms and pastures. It can adjust the length and density of the bales according to crop conditions, transportation, and storage requirements. The machine has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure, sturdiness and durability, stable operation, safety and reliability, convenient use and maintenance, high bundling efficiency, and high density. It can meet various needs of customers.

Working principle of square straw baler

The main working parts of the pick-up square straw baler include picking device, transmission mechanism, straw feeding device, baling structure, binding structure, limit device, adjustment, and control structure, etc.

The working principle and process of the square straw bundling machine are as follows: the tractor-driven type baling machine used after assembled with the tractor. Its forward power and operating power come from the tractor. Under normal operating conditions, the rear power output shaft of the tractor transmits power to the straw picking device. The picker collects the straw by rotating it and lifts it to the conveying and feeding position. Through the function of the conveying and feeding device, the straw fed into the baling chamber evenly and reliably; through the reciprocating extrusion of the piston, it can greatly compress the density of the straw. When the compressed straw reaches the standard volume, the bundling operation is carried out. After completing the bundling, it discharges from the outlet, thus completing the whole process of baling the straw square bale.

Operation and maintenance of square straw baler 


The straw baler should be used in conjunction with the tractor. The parameters of the baler are the basis of the selection of tractor power parameters and structural configuration. And complete the reliable coupling and power connection of the tractor. Some tractors may have problems with incompatibility during the process of assembling the square straw bundling machine. Besides, consult the manufacturer for the installation method under special circumstances to ensure the reliability of the pick-up square straw baler installation. After completing the installation, adjusted the rear suspension device appropriately to ensure the horizontal state of the square straw bundling machine after installation. Choose a reliable binding rope. And make sure the rope box and spool are full. And the pick-up square straw baler has been threaded.


  • Before officially starting the square straw baler, make sure the surrounding personnel is in a safe position.
  • After there is no debris or tools in the square straw bundling machine, you can start the straw baler. And run it for a few minutes. After the examination is normal, then put it into operation.
  • When the pick-up square straw baler is working, it should try to ensure the driving speed is uniform.
  • When the straw is too thick and dense, reduce the speed appropriately to ensure the square straw baler works under normal load.
  • In the initial operation process, pay attention to checking whether the completed square straw bales reach the specified density and firmness. And whether there are any problems such as deformation. If you find problems, adjust the straw baler in time.
  • Note that the picked and recycled straw must meet the specified moisture content requirements. Too wet or too dry will affect the actual baling quality.

Maintenance work

  • After completing each bundling operation, clean and maintain the main components on time.
  • And check whether the key components are abnormal or deformed. Correct the deformation problem in time.
  • For structures that need filling with grease, fill grease regularly to ensure effective lubricity and reduce part wear.
  • Check and adjust the plunger at least once a year. Remove the plunger to check the bearings, sliders, and slide rails.
  • Check carefully whether there are any problems such as bearing wear, lack of sealing, surface markings, and poor operation. If you find any faults, replace them in time.
  • Check the wear and tear of the slide rail in the bale chamber. If you find that the slide rail is seriously worn, replace it in time. When replacing the slide rail, keep the slide rail straight during installation.


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Square Straw Baler Helps Straw Recycling and Reuse

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