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The square hay baler shared here has two functions, that is, picking up the broken grass or crop stalks on the ground and bale them into square bales. In this way, your farm and land will be cleaner, and at the same time, the application of hay will be improved.

What is a pick-up square bale baler?

The pick-up square bale baler machine is a tractor-driven type baling machine. Under the tractor, it can complete the picking and baling of pasture, rice straw, wheat straw, corn stalk, alfalfa grass, silage straw, and other crops. The traction form is positive traction, which can automatically and continuously work into square bales. It is ideal equipment for forage collection, straw fuel collection, and bundling.


Applicable field of hay baler

Taizy hay baler machine is suitable for working in farms, livestock farms, pastures, and other places. It is more suitable for traveling on narrow roads and working on small plots and irregular plots. The finished square bales are easily transported, stored, and further processed. Therefore, the pick-up square hay baler machine is suitable for animal husbandry, aquaculture, and fuel processing industries. The length and density of the bale can be adjusted according to crop conditions, transportation, and storage conditions.

hay baler
hay baler

Advantages of the square hay baler machine

  1. Low-flat spring teeth, roller-type picker, pick up more pastures for users. The feed volume is large, and the operation efficiency is high. The loss rate is low and high work efficiency with 2-3 acres per hour.
  2. The unique PTO transmission device provides additional operability. A rotating structure is adopted in the middle of the tractor to enhance the buffering effect in low-lying and uneven fields. Also, it can reduce the wear of the connecting parts of the tractor and the baler.
  3. With a multi-part safety protection cover design, the machine runs more safely and users can use it more assuredly.
  4. The material conveying part adopts the hollow auger structure, the feeding is more comfortable, and it is not easy to be blocked.
  5. Self-lubricating copper sleeves are used for bushings in key parts to improve the self-lubricating performance of the machine and reduce the wear of parts.

Why should you bale hay?

Hay bale is easy to use

Hay bales are the only option for manual feeding. You can quickly throw the bales away. Based on the uniform bale density, you can know exactly how much forage each livestock gets. Hay harvesting professionals and hay production companies need highly consistent bales to meet the strict requirements of horse and livestock owners.


Easy to store and transplantation

After the various raw materials are baled, the volume can be reduced by more than two-thirds, which can greatly reduce the area occupied by the pasture. So it is convenient for loading, unloading, and transportation. It can make full use of the carrying capacity of transportation vehicles, generally, increase the transportation capacity by 2-3 times. It saves labor and transportation costs by more than 50% and solves the unsafe factors caused by ultra-high and ultra-broadband during transportation.

hay bale
hay bale

How is the square baler machine bale the hay?

Our reinforced knotter Taizy square hay baler machine has stable performance and can be pressed into a uniform and dense bale regardless of crop conditions. And the shape of the bale is uniform and regular, the service life is long, and the bale rate is over 99%.

Working principle

The square hay baler is mainly composed of a picker, a screw conveyor, a roller-type shredding and feeding device, and a baling chamber. The hay baler is hauled by the tractor and moves along the stalks that are naturally stacked after harvesting. The spring teeth of the picker pick up the straw from the ground and send it to the screw conveyor. The main function of the picker is to pick up the straw laid on the ground and push it to the conveying and feeding device, and then enter the baling room to complete the baling. Let’s see the square hay baler video.

structure of square hay baler machine
structure of square hay baler machine

Working width and supporting power

The width that our square hay baler can process is 1.9 meters, 2 meters, 2.2 meters. All the square hay baler machines match 80-90 horsepower tractors. The size of the bale can be adjusted within the range.


Square hay baler video

Technical Parameters

Power50-90 hp tractor
Work efficient6-15km/h
Working width1.9 m
Bale cross section345-475 mm can be adjustable
Bale length30-120 cm can be adjustable
Size500*280*140 cm
Machine weight1460 kg


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